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The Secret to Keeping Him Committed, from a Guy’s Point of View

99 Comments 05 February 2013

Commitment_400Should we help him feel like a “conqueror”? Allowing men to take the lead sometimes helps men stay committed to the relationship. From  Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray.

Helping a man feel like a conqueror will help him want to stay committed. It may sound odd to women, but it can be easier than you may think.

Why do men love a “ride-or-die woman”? “She doesn’t get in the way,” one of my buddies told me about his wife. It’s true; she allows him to do the things that cause him to feel like a conqueror and that helps him to feel like she’s going to ride with him no matter what. When a man feels that he has this type of woman, he will go the extra mile to stay committed because he sees her as an asset to his life. And ladies, keep in mind that just because you are in a relationship, doesn’t mean that you’re an asset…many women become liabilities.

Men love to feel like a woman will do something out of her comfort zone for us. In other words, she’ll ride, no matter what. It’s all about the little things that help us keep our heads in the commitment.

For instance, a man wants to take on a task that you see is menial. If a woman makes him fight or justify it, then she may cause him to flee. Allowing him to do it without hassle, and trusting that he is a faithful man who simply needs to conquer something, will make all the difference in the world.

I’m not suggesting that women should give men whatever they want all the time, but it’s important for women to know that a man doesn’t always want what he’s asking for; he wants to know that his woman will ride with him if he asks. That makes him feel like a conqueror and that he has a ride-or-die type of woman.

It’s really that simple…the small things make a man feel like a king!

Little do most women know that a small task like pushing the elevator button can be important to a man. We have all been in the elevator when a little boy gets in and wants to push the elevator button and his mom lets him do it. What seems like such a menial thing to a woman can be a task of conquering for a man.

I used to have a girlfriend that battled me on simple issues like where we parked when we went somewhere. No matter where I wanted to park, she’d argue that we should park somewhere else. To her she had just as much right to pick the parking place as I did.

While she was in the right to voice her opinion about the parking decision, battling me over an issue where I needed to feel like a conqueror only served to cause me to try harder to conquer. So we’d argue back and forth and I’d park where I wanted to just to conquer, or I’d reluctantly give
in and flee. For a while I pleaded my case to her and tried to get her to understand that little things were important to me as a man. But she decided that it was more important to her that we were equal in all decisions and in the long run, our relationship was lost in her conquest.

However, my next girlfriend saw that this was important to me, so instead, she placed her concerns on making sure that we were always on time and as long as we were safe, she allowed me to choose the parking without hassle. Again, it may sound like no big deal to a woman, but making that small decision helped me to feel like I had conquered, and in return, I made sure I accommodated her desire to always be on time.

Those little nuances serve to remind a man how valuable a woman is in the moments where he may tire of commitment.

On a larger scale, the thing that most faithful men complain about is that they can’t get sex when they want it in a committed relationship. When a man is single or cheating, he can have sex at random or whenever he wants it. But when he’s in a committed relationship, his sexual fulfillment is based 100 percent on the clock of his woman.

As I said earlier what many women may not see is that for a faithful man, being committed to a relationship gives us a sense of entitlement to sex. If we can’t have it at our leisure, we feel rejected and no conqueror thinks he should ever be rejected. If it persists, we won’t cheat, but it can cause us to pull away from the commitment.

Ladies, I understand that men always want sex and that can be inconvenient for a woman. Some women complain that they love having sex with their man, but they can’t keep up with giving it the way a man needs it—all the time.

When a woman shows frustration, she can cause a man to feel that he isn’t welcome to have what he believes is his. Because he can’t take the cave man approach and drag her into his cave, he may retreat in frustration. This causes a lot of men to pull away over time and want to get out of the commitment where he is faced with such restriction.

Instead of completely turning him away, another approach is for a woman to negotiate without him knowing. Let him know that if he’s willing to wait until the more convenient time, he can have it the way he likes it. This helps him feel like he can have it if he wants, but that she will fulfill his larger desire if he nurtures her needs as well.

As women find themselves at these little crossroads every day in relationships with faithful men, they can keep us engaged in commitment by allowing us the small things that make us feel like conquerors. Remember, just because a guy doesn’t cheat, doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have all the desires of a conquering man.

If you help your man feel like a conqueror, then he’ll be less likely to stray and look for other places or things to conquer. So don’t underestimate the power of the small things. Remember that if it seems small to you, it’s probably big to him.

Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray

Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray

Maxwell Billieon and Ray J


Celebrity personality and multi-platinum artist Ray J became a household name as his public relationships with a bevy of beautiful Hollywood starlets made pop culture headlines all over the world. His playboy persona spawned the hit television shows, For the Love of Ray J, and the spin-off, Brandy & Ray J—A Family Business, adjoining his string of hit albums Raydiation and All I Feel. Ray J lives in Beverly Hills, California.

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  1. Grace says:

    I have done all of these things and more, yet I find myself with a man that’s not willing to fully commit to our partnership. He’s been looking for jobs out-of-state, yet he does not want to include me in those plans. He says that if he does get a job out-of-state, asking me to move with him would be a “big step” that he’s not “willing to commit to right now”. He told me he wanted to keep what we have and “figure it out when the time comes.” Could someone help me understand this from a man’s perspective? He told me he loves me, he’s serious about me, and wants a long-term relationship… so why do I feel like I am being taken for granted?

  2. kristin says:

    And this entire explanation of how men are is exactly why I am glad to be divorced. These “small” things that are such a huge deal to a guy makes him a big baby in my opinion. I mean, really? Your sense of importance is totally crushed because your GF thinks you could have picked a better parking spot?? Know what a girl would say if her man objected to where she parked? She’d say, “well, OK, where should I park then?” She might be a bit annoyed but it would take her 2 seconds to GET OVER IT. When I was married [13 yrs], my ex did many dumb things around the house and I made sure he knew it because it made my life more difficult. Why should a woman have to put up with inconsiderate behavior? I’d rather speak up than bite my tongue and be irritated all the time, even if that means divorce. The way I read this article – and I believe the key to staying married: is to coddle a man’s ego/self-esteem, put up with lots of stupid behavior (no matter how much it inconveniences you – like cleaning up his mess for the 100th time)and make damn sure you keep your mouth shut about it. Essentially, you need to put his needs ahead of yours because like a 4 yr old, you can’t hurt the poor mans feelings now, poor BABY. Ugh, I’m never getting married again!But thanks for explaining exactly how men are

  3. Nicole says:

    You actually used the sentence ‘you can’t drag her to the cave’ anymore so you are frustrated when she refuses sex? I really do try not to be bitter about men but my God most of you are babies. Your new gf is an insecure dormant and your ex was probably smarter and more independent

  4. Vindic says:

    Wow. This sounds like it was written by a rapist.

  5. Sue Blue says:

    This is just horrific – for both men and women. Men are individuals, not mindless sex machines. Women do not exist simply to fulfill any male’s sexual desires. Communication with each other as human beings with feelings, moods, and RIGHTS is the key to intimacy and happiness as a couple, not insisting that men must be relentless penile pile-drivers and women must be ready to spread their legs at a moment’s notice whether they want it or not.

    This is the kind of entitlement thinking that perpetuates harmful male and female stereotypes, misogyny, and rape culture. Please stop!!!

  6. AAAtheist says:

    (* Groan. *)

    How can I get away from this guy? Seriously, no matter where I turn, no matter how I try to get away from him, he always seems to turn up. He’s the guy that knows what men are like, who’s got the inside scoop on “the ladiez,” and just has to share his opinion about it. He doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care, that he’s ceaselessly boring and that people have been trying to get away from him since grade school.

    Can we put him, and those like him, in a cave somewhere, check in on them occasionally to make sure they’re fed and clothed, and then invite them back into adult civilized society when they’re ready to behave and do outrageous things like not leading with their first impulses, listening to people, taking people at their word, and adjusting behavior accordingly?

    Can we? Please can we? ; – )

  7. Random says:

    How many women has this guy raped? This article reads like he’s admitting to doing just that, especially referring to “his woman” as if she’s his slave not his partner.

    Men and women can’t have sex whenever they want it. They have to have a willing partner first.

  8. InDogITrust says:

    What on earth makes this guy think a decent woman would even want to be in a relationship with him? And no decent man would want to be in a relationship with a woman who would put up with this nonsense.
    The author sounds like a strutting chihuahua who will dissolve into a scream-fest the moment he sees another dog. Seriously dude, grow up.

  9. Beroli says:

    I have done all of these things and more, […]Could someone help me understand this from a man’s perspective? He told me he loves me, he’s serious about me, and wants a long-term relationship… so why do I feel like I am being taken for granted?

    Well, you asked for a man’s perspective, so:

    I have done all of these things and more,

    There’s your answer. You let him treat you like a doormat and so he’s doing so. There are men out there, a lot of them, who will treat you as a partner and an equal if you make it clear that’s what you want. There are no men out there who will both simultaneously treat you like property and respect you.

  10. Mellrose says:

    I’m sorry but this article is ridiculous. Men needing to feel like they are in the lead and in control. Seriously most men are babies and they complain about not getting guy time as if they are 12 years old. The truth is women in general no longer need men and men hate it. Holding out on commitment to us is the only card they have left to play.
    I am engaged and my partner has had to fight for me every step of the way. Ill decide when I’m ready to marry and if I want to. I certainly won’t be making it my only desire in life. What a joke.

    Ill have sex when I want to. I won’t be sitting around waiting for when he is done going out with mates or watching football and be ready for it as if I am his possession.
    Take it or leave it but men have lost all the power and they can’t handle it.
    Whoever wrote this has watched far too many seasons of mad men ..

  11. Faceball says:

    There is a logic to things…..

    As far as sex goes, and commitment. Part of the commitment is knowing the habits of your loved one, as well as energy levels.

    Having enough energy to have sex and perform in bed is important too. When my fiancee says “no” when I feel like it, I respect her for telling me. Truth be told in my case I enjoy the foreplay and everything leading up to sex as much (or more) as the sex.

    I find the absolute worse is not a girl saying “no”, but a girl saying yes, and not having enough energy to perform. We take our turns with each other and it lsdtd s very long time…between two hours and four hours is our average.

    To me its not the whole idea of “the conquerer” that is as important as the worth of the one being conquered…or the idea that the girl can learn enough to conquer for herself, be daring and even impress.

    If a guy wants it easy, then what will happen is that sex will become routine and procedural, and all the love and romance will be stripped from it. In my case, I love it when my girl finds a real sexy counter I never thought of before…

    ….gets me to really say “thank you” and “I love you” when she totally finds a new way to take me i had thought as unimaginable.

    My point is that you want a girl who can fight, adapt, stand her ground within reason…..and measure up to herself to be good. All that exploration can lead to real mature love, as well as the greatest love you have felt from anyone wether you are in bed, or out of bed.

    I’ve been together with my girl for nine years but I have known her for forteen years. It has not been perfect, but we keep learning from each other and making the best of it.

  12. Shree says:

    some really good tips here ;)

  13. Truth says:

    Well as a man that recently met a woman to be in a relationship with, i am very happy since going out was like a joke to me when most women were so drunk to begin with, and most of the time men and women usually meet each other outside of the club scene.

  14. Jen says:

    He can have sex whenever he wants it? Like its his right? Oh later honey however you want it? You can tell a man wrote this article ! N I agree sounds like a big baby to me! Sorry my body is my body not his possession to treat anyway he wants it….. I’d rather b single this article is disgusting

  15. Ginikavalley says:

    Well to experience how you do love someone is how your heart tells you that how you will know that you have feelings for that person.. some people will have feelings for some one but he/she will not speak his heart … it better you tell someone how you feel than to pretend .. that love

  16. Cool rockets says:

    These tips are truly admirable. Stuffs you up with real cool tricks.

  17. Married 20 yrs says:

    I am very thankful all men don’t think as you do. You that women as lesser value than men. As if we can’t have or show our opinion. We are not things to be dominated and controlled. We are people like you. If men like you want a woman to stay, you need to love unselfishly and put the woman first. Women can leave, too, especially when a man behaves like you do.

  18. Janet says:

    Seriously that is all crap!!! Know your worth ladies! This sounds selfish!!! It works both ways.. he can be the king but you can also be the queen! So one sided this is! This made men all over the world sound like 2 year olds!

  19. jumpday says:

    This was helpful to me. My bf always says the little things matter. Good advice here. Seems like people are so quick to pick things apart and criticize with all these unproductive negative comments. Pick and choose the good and helpful. Nobody likes a Debbie downer.

  20. 10 yr Question?? says:

    For men it seems as though it is the little simp!e things they make them feel like a man or “conqueror” but I feel that a man should respect his womans body and respect her space. Sometimes men have a horrible way of approaching women asking for sex and they NAG! yes I said it nag. I believe in theory that if a man knows how to sweep his woman off her feet then he would actually be able to have a bit more control through him being sensual Not a shovenistic horny person, Over all I have an issue of my own..I’ve been in a relationship this July will make it 10 and I’m wondering if it would be wrong to give him ultimatums and putting my foot down when it comes to the topic of marriage ! Thanks!!

  21. Bellaisa says:

    I think a lot of this is true. Masculine men need to feel masculine in the relationship in order to feel valued and needed. It’s not about putting women or men above one another, it’s just about allowing each other to be in their natural state.

    It’s almost like a cruel joke that women are built with a need to correct and men are built with a need to make decisions – they can clash pretty hard.

  22. Here’s some major tips on how to keep him committed to you:

    Listen carefully to him, support his dreams, & don’t belittle him. These are just some of the things that will keep a man committed to you.

    I have a free book that will give you more insight into a man’s mind so
    he’ll stay committed to you no matter what.

    You may find it here:


    The Romance Guy

  23. Here’s some major tips on how to keep him committed to you:

    Listen carefully to him, support his dreams, & don’t belittle him. These are just some of the things that will keep a man committed to you.

    The Romance Guy

  24. GeetUday Singh says:

    This article is probably written by a narrow minded guy.. women are not things to be used..if you want to be treated like a king then first treat Her like a queen..
    Womem ought ta be respected, they certainly are the better gender..
    Love doesn’t mean fulfilling each other’s sexual is different from sex..when you love someone you wud never feel like troubling her for sex, we are not animals!
    Women are not objects of sex, visit the red light areas if you’re such a lusty beast..don’t misuse the word “LOVE” ..sadly LOVE is the most misused of words these days.. lust is temporary pleasure whereas luv gives lifelong bliss..
    When you luv someone, then just holding her hands or cuddling her up at night is a such a pleasant feeling that it cannot be described in words..a woman sees the shadow of her dad in her lover not a lusty beast..treat her like your own daughter..just like a woman plays so many roles in her life, a man too has to play many many roles with her Angel..i luv someone & i can never ever lust for her..she’s like my sweet princess child. .

  25. GeetUday Singh says:

    This article is probably written by a narrow minded guy.. women are not things to be used..if you want to be treated like a king then first treat Her like a queen..
    Womem ought ta be respected, they certainly are the better gender..
    Love doesn’t mean fulfilling each other’s sexual is different from sex..when you love someone you wud never feel like troubling her for sex, we are not animals!
    Women are not objects of sex, visit the red light areas if you’re such a lusty beast..don’t misuse the word “LOVE” ..sadly LOVE is the most misused of words these days.. lust is temporary pleasure whereas luv gives lifelong bliss..
    When you luv someone, then just holding her hands or cuddling her up at night is a such a pleasant feeling that it cannot be described in words..a woman sees the shadow of her dad in her lover not a lusty beast..treat her like your own daughter..just like a woman plays so many roles in her life, a man too has to play many many roles with her Angel..i luv someone & i can never ever lust for her..she’s like my sweet princess child. .
    Women are stronger n tougher beings n yet much more humble n kind-hearted..respect them plz..i learnt to Respect Women even more after i fell in love with an Angel of a girl.. When you luv someone then that person means the whole world to you.. it’s really sad to see how people misuse ‘Love’ to fulfil their dirty desires..
    Treat your girl the way you treated her the first day of your relationship..Respect her like you wud respect your own daughter..
    I fail to see how a man cud ever simultaneously lust for a girl n respect her as is NOT Possible..girls if your guy just lusts for you..know it he wud never ever respect you..n where there’s no respect..there can never be love..

  26. I Call Crap says:

    This article is BS to say the least. I’ve given my guy everything he’s ever wanted whenever he’s ever wanted it. I’ve even kept my mouth shut, never back talked. He still cheated on me. He actually had the audacity to say to me that “every man” wants strange every once in awhile. Whoever wrote this article has no clue whatsoever.

  27. kittywife says:

    My man is my Master. And that ladies is the key to happiness. This article hits it right on the head. Let your man be a man and we as women get the benefit of being treated like a women. Fullfillment comes in many forms, and not sweating the small stuff is so key .

  28. Samy says:

    And what if the man won’t have sex with you?! god. he’s not cheating. i know that. but this is ridiculous. not all men want to have sex all the time. though at this point it would be awesome if they did -_- :(

  29. justmy thoughts says:

    I think many of our problems evolve from not defining or understanding our roles in relationships/marriage. We have let our culture, music, movies etc define what a man or woman should be in regards 2 eachother. As a young man, im looking 4 some1 who will allow me 2 lead; however, my leadership is through service. How does a man lay down his life? If I need shoes & she needs shoes , guess who gets them (she does). If some1 attacks my family, I would die 4 them not wanting 2 put them in harms way.All I would ask is that she trust my leadership because my leadership always starts & ends with her as my priority; this is where I think most females dont understand a good man. That’s y its very important in the dating process 2 determine if he has what it takes 2 be a leader & vice versa. Let me also state that leadership doesn’t mean control or she has no opinion. We all have jobs & submit 2 our bosses decisions because they give us a check. Love & support ur mans vision & the payoff will b worth more then money. ( women want security, love & 2 b heard; men just want RESPECT).

  30. kittywife says:

    AMEN Samy. I get so tired of society thinking men always want sex. Excuse me…but I want sex way more than my man.

  31. SEDUCELOVE says:

    As a man i can easily state that when a woman satisfies you in almost everything going from sex to having a pleasant and relaxing relationship, this alone should contribute to keep a man interested in his woman and not think of cheating with another or thinking of breaking up. When a man is truly interested to a woman and she is able to keep him equally ineterested by making everything easy for him, there should be no problems with a love story.

  32. Kayzoey says:

    Does having sex with ur partner makes him to be more committed to u?

  33. Cat says:

    Conqueror, hmmm… If all men want sex then what happened to my man he does not want sex wants to have a platonic relationship and kept me around and treated me like a cave woman.
    I refuse to be a cave woman and I am the conqueror as I am moving on.

  34. Gordash Xalle says:

    Wow, more like how to keep a insecure man-child committed…

    I hope women don’t feel like they need to appear weak and helpless to be appreciated. As a guy who grew up with a overbearing father figure and a weak subservient mother, I do not like the thought of “conquering” women.

    I’ve seen how much damage it does to the woman’s ego and sense of self. My mother was reduced to an object for my father’s convenience.

    Ladies reading this should know that such men who do not value you as a fellow human being are not worth the effort. Find yourself a real human being who respects you, doesn’t have to be a man either as long as there is mutual love and respect.


  35. Cathie says:

    I will start by saying that I have never been married, but I have been in a long term relationship now for over 10 years. I can understand the car park thing. My partner would park in the third empty spot he could find. It was frustrating!. I would yell at him. But once when I was yelling at him, I looked over at him, and saw the look on his face. He was disappointed in me. I decided then that it wasn’t important. It was more important to try to keep our relationship happy. So now I use it as a game, I usually cheer when he finds the third one. While I have to tolerate things that he does, he also tolerates things I do ( no one is perfect). but his good qualities out weight these little petty problems. We seem to have worked sex out. I have never said no to him. But he has never asked if I am really sick or tired. It is give and take.

  36. me says:

    I know a lady that made men to feel like conquerors.nice big penis you! The answer was stop education (the laidy)lose civic rights and divorce.she cre atea little monster.

  37. Stop the feminazi movement! says:

    What’s the matter with all these liberal/feminist trolls up there? You people are sick, as are all of your kind. Yes, a wife, whether de jure or de facto, of a man is HIS woman, naturally. The truth is, all women desire to belong to a dream guy, at the very least, subconsciously. And if she is not a match for her man’s ‘sexual energy’, perhaps she chose the wrong man. As far as cavemen are concerned, everyone having erections is such a type to feminist standards, however, it’d rather opt out of women altogether and actually move to a cave, rather than become a liberal henpecked sissy.

  38. LT says:

    Parts of this are true. My current boyfriend was married for 13 years to a bossy woman who stripped his self esteem and didn’t allow him to do anything. When they had sex she layed there and watched tv or just said no. When they finally divorced because she cheated he didn’t ever want to marry again. We have been dating for a year and I have taught him that he is able to have a life outside of me, I have one outside of him and want to keep it. I give him respect and true emotional sex. Yes sex is supposed to be two people joining together in love, if your husband wants you all the time there is a good chance he does love you or maybe you say no too often. In return my man treats me with respect. When he is open and honest he can do whatever he wants but the other side of it is that so can I. If he starts spending too much time on his hobbies I start doing the same. That always brings him back quickly. He tells me I allow him to feel like a man and he is happy that I am a strong enough woman to demand my own life. When we come back together we have missed one another and we both want sex so there is no battle. I have been divorced over a decade and refused to settle for any man who didn’t treat me well. This guy makes sure that I get all the time with him I want. If I ask to do something he plans it right away. The gifts he gives me for holidays are beautiful. Valentine’s day brought a gorgeous ruby heart and diamonds ring. He has even started talking about wedding rings. Yes I do things for him, yes I let him make all the trivial decisions he wants and yes in return I am treated like a queen. If a woman doesn’t enjoy having sex with the man she loves then either she doesn’t really love him or she needs to brush up on how to have orgasms. Sex is one of the biggest stress relievers ever and enjoying your man is a bonus not a curse. I am so in love with my boyfriend I sit across the room and stare at him. I catch him doing the same thing to me. Attitude does not have to be harsh, confidence is sexy and can be delivered in an even tone or playfully but still get the point across. Bottom line be your own woman let him be his own man and don’t pick fights unless you feel it is critical. Mutual respect and trust are everything.

  39. blahhhh says:

    Well first off woman are not slaves and in my opinion how about u explain this your woman has been begging u for 3 days to have sex with her and she does all the little necessities like fixes her hair get on lingerie and even waiting in the bed for u and instead of u having sex with her u go down the road and jack off to a younger girls photo online while sitting in the middle of the road well we are supposed to be equal not used and set aside for when ever men decide they want us woman

  40. angie says:

    Im in a relationship two years.ryddadydda all the way..hopes future plans.he tells me dont give up keep the faith.our love is solid..he gets locked up,sentenced to live in his no doubt ill waite one day or half my life…anywys…in a Cristian based program hes folowing Jesús…thats greate,somepossitive change we both want and intendedto together..but he starts menshome ministry…0 woman free polocy…with god is the only place no more plans with me do i cope with having and knowing his love to its done….

  41. Me says:

    How about a man who refuses to have sex with his 24 year old virgin wife? It happened to me, ……..I have been with him for 8 years now, never felt real love. I know I will not find it even if I divorce him, it’s like you die inside and keep going just to not loose what you build already. He’s like a rock and I feel that he’s 40 years older than me with that character of his.Boring! I talked to him, argued……no change, I feel I am waisting what I could have with a better man, I hear other females saying that there men asks for sex more than once/night…….and my husband is like taking a vacation for 3 months, really…….3 months, no sex, and what he does is just shopping, no phone calls to ask about me……and I live with his away from my family in another country, am alone here, and he doesn’t even play his role as a good life partner. If I ask him why you don’t call to ask about me, am the only one who calls, he says, a waist of time, am busy working, and he hangs up when I call him because he’s with others, no respect at all…….no romance, no anything! I married him at 24, virgin, very beautiful…..and now am 32, I feel horrible with him. and I don’t want to divorce him, and am sure I will never love anyone else. The only man I loved was my first love, who was a narcissist, very abusive, who wanted free sex not a committed relationship, and now with my husband it’s a nightmare too.

  42. B.S says:

    This is all b.s. It sounds as if you’re teaching women to be pushovers aka doormats. There is no secret in keeping a guy committed! If a guy truly thinks he’s found “the one”, he will not stray. Men who stray are not that invested in you! So if he strays, do your self a favor and let him go. If you don’t, you’ll become a doormat for the entire relationship!

  43. DontTrip says:

    Ephesians 5:21-25, 28-29, 33 NKJV

    submitting to one another in the fear of God. Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body. Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as the Lord does the church. Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

  44. Can says:

    Wow this article was THE most pathetic thing I’ve read all day , excuse me I have to go wash my eyes with some lye and a wire brush did some loser neck beard “menist” write this ??? This is not how u maintain a healthy relationship , how about two people just treat each other with basic human respect ??

  45. sune says:

    no no no i did more than my share, double, but still he slept around. I gave him space, still he snooped around, i was nice, never complained, still he lashed out i gave him sex in ways he has never seen, still he prefers others as well. so no, this article is off balance…..

  46. Faith says:

    Wow, this is the most ridiculous thing I have read!
    Its nice to be mutually considerate to each other’s feelings and that is the basis of a good relationship. But you don’t have to be a doormat and allow the other person to do whatever they want if it is inconvenient for you or if it is actually just dumb and doesnt make sense! You definitely should not have to do this to ‘keep your man’! Just as a guys should not have to do that for a girl.

    As for sex, it is not right! Do it when you both want to. yes sometimes there might be a time when the guy wants to and the girl doesnt, or it could be vice versa. Try to be understanding, and plus it will be more fun when you both want to do!

    This article is really bad advice. I feel it should be taken down as it gives young, naive people who might be reading this, the wrong message and will lead to many unhealthy relationships…it’s already disappointing to see comments like ‘useful tips’…

  47. Truth says:

    Listen ladies men must be men. If you don’t respect your man opinion on small things as well as big things then you don’t truly respect him or his mind, if you don’t respect him he should not be with you anyway. If you want to be a man ladies go get a Penis, if not be a woman and relax. When a REAL man is respected he steps up to the plate and he handles the big things as well as the small things, like being a provider financially. If you don’t want to sex your man up, you’d probably not attracted to him. Ladies understand men and you can go far. It’s so much fun being adored and loved by a MAN. It feels so good. Anything special takes work.

  48. Erin says:

    Well I need some advice please

  49. Erin says:

    Well I need some advice please

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