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Hot Summer Movies Based on Great Books

1 Comment 3 July 2014

Several movies hitting theaters this summer are based on terrific books, including spy thrillers, YA bestsellers, and biographies. Get a head start on the theater crowd with this intriguing, vacation-ready reading list.

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A Second Chance at Love… on the Dance Floor

0 Comments 2 July 2014

Modern life doesn't offer us many chances at romance. We may find love, sex, companionship, and compatibility... but romance remains strangely elusive.

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How I Dealt with My Dad’s Social Media Addiction

0 Comments 30 June 2014

Back in 2010, of all the people I talked into joining Foursquare, my dad–a retired Wall Street sales trader who likes to "win"–was the one who became the most obsessed. From Unfriending My Ex (and Other Things I'll Never Do).

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5 Essential Road Trip Reads

2 Comments 26 June 2014

Don’t get stuck camping in the mountains or waiting the airport this summer without a good book. Whether you’re looking for a classic like On The Road or a new pageturner like A House in the Sky, these road reads will help you reach your destination faster.

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