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Janet Mock

My Transformation as a Transgender Teen

0 Comments 25 July 2014

In high school, my sophomore classmates elected me class treasurer as Charles, but I knew Janet would reign. From Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.

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Couple on Padlocked Bridge

Stop with the Love Locks: 5 More Romantic Ways to Express Yourself

1 Comment 16 July 2014

London Bridge is falling down… and so is the Pont des Arts in Paris. What started out as a heartwarming way for vacationing lovebirds to express their eternal love for one another has turned into an infrastructural burden for cities from Copenhagen to Tel Aviv and Rome. Armed with padlocks, permanent markers, puffy paints, and even Wite-Out, lovers and newlyweds the world over are flocking to romantic destinations to publicly memorialize their love for one another by locking personalized padlocks to a bridge.

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The Will to Live: Best Survival Memoirs

0 Comments 11 July 2014

Summer is undeniably a season for exploration and reflection. Few things ignite the spark to get out of our comfort zone or to move past hurdles than experiencing the real-life stories of others who've overcome unforeseen adversity to reach new personal heights. Inspiration abounds through these reads, from the coming-of-age-amid-turmoil story in A House in the Sky to the story of a soldier who refused to surrender to wartime horror in Unbroken.

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A spritual encounter with a loved one.

Can You Have a Profound Spiritual Encounter with a Dead Loved One?

0 Comments 7 July 2014

My elderly father died in the middle of the night, and I learned the next day from a phone call. But my sister, Katherine, who was suffering from a spread of metastatic breast cancer at the time, received her message differently. From Opening Heaven's Door.

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