Fire Island Cookbook Recipe: Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Fried Onion Sliders

0 Comments 29 August 2014

If you were lucky (or unfortunate) enough to grow up near one of those hamburger stands that look like a miniature castle, you know the appeal of small burgers. These are from The Fire Island Cookbook.

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Fire Island Cookbook Recipe: Salted Chocolate Caramel Brownies

0 Comments 28 August 2014

Chocolate, salt, and caramel represent three of our favorite food groups. Try this summer dessert stunner from The Fire Island Cookbook.

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The Kitchy Kitchen Recipe: No-Bake Strawberry-Lemon Verbena Pie

0 Comments 25 August 2014

Strawberries are wonderful at the peak of their season. Ripe, juicy, fragrant, sweet, and tender. My favorite part of the pie, though, is the lemon verbena whipped cream. It’s the ultimate summer herb, imparting a citrus/mint/basil/earthy perfume to whatever it touches. Light, creamy, fresh, citrusy, and sweet, and all on a flakey butter pie crust, it’s the dessert epitome of summer, and will be gone in a second.

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How to Organize Your Dorm Room Right the First Time

0 Comments 22 August 2014

Organizing a dorm room is like doing a puzzle. It's a small space, but used correctly, you can have get everything in and still be functional. Here are my tips on how to complete this puzzle and have a successful school year.

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