Lisa Rinna’s Tips for Heating up Your Sex Life

7 Comments 10 April 2012

Days of Our Lives actor Lisa Rinna gives her sex tips in her latest book The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book co-authored with sex therapist Ian KernerWhen she was writing her New York Times bestseller Rinnavation, Lisa Rinna was struggling with a lack of sex drive, or what she calls “how I lost my mojo.” It became one of her most talked about passages, and in her latest, the Days of Our Lives actor teams up with nationally acclaimed sex therapist Ian Kerner in The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book (out May 1). Together they offer helpful tips to solve any number of sexual partnership issues, including mismatched libidos, lack of desire, and just plain old boredom.

Do you have a sex question or dilemma for Lisa and Ian? You can ask them anonymously in the comments below, and we’ll share them with the authors. They’ll be answering your queries for future sex columns right here on Tips on Life & Love!

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  • Mojo-lessMama

    The kids! It’s their fault! Kidding… kind of. But seriously, with at least one child in my bed every night, my husband and I have no private time to even talk let alone rev up a dormant mojo. Oh, and we both work full time so a little day-time rendezvous while the kids are at school isn’t happening. I’m all ears, Lisa and Ian…

  • SorryToBeBitter

    Must be nice being a celebrity and having a fabulous figure, exorbitant income, paid help and loads of free time to experiment sexually with your husband. I work days, my husband works nights, with tending to 3 kids under 8, cleaning the house, food shopping, laundry, cooking and stressing over bills constantly, sex is pretty far out of my mind most of the time, and trust me, I wish it weren’t that way. I just don’t see how Hollywood could help anyone like me, honestly.

  • Kristen

    Im having a hard time getting in the mood with my husband. His libido is always on the go but the past several months I find it real hard to get turned on by him, not at all like when we were dating ;). I find myself thinking of an ex flame just to keep myself interested during the act :(. I love my husband so much but the heat just isn’t there for me at all anymore but i wouldn’t dare tell him!! Does this make me a bad person?? I feel bad but I just can’t help it :(

  • Randy

    My wife is very sickly and gets many infections among other things,making sex totally unattractive.We’re compatable in most every other way.I have an opportunity to take a married lover,who’s physical relationship with her husband has soured.We’re attracted to each other and both agree neither of us will ever leave our spouses.Should I grab this inviting scenario to spark my sex life?

  • kojala

    Thanks for your questions, all. We are collecting them to submit to Lisa and Ian!

  • James Buzinko

    Hey. I just want to say that the video you provide on this page does not work somehow. Could you fix this issue? I would love to watch it. Thanks.

  • Tess Bonn

    Hi, thanks for letting us know. Try it now, it should be working.


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