On a Diet? Don’t Let Anyone Sabotage It

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Diet scale weighing fruits and vegetablesYou’re losing–in a good way–but some may attempt to thwart your newfound resolve with sabotaging remarks. Here are some suggestions for how to respond, from Dr. Mike Moreno, author of The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor’s Plan Designed for Rapid Results.

Saboteur: You’re wasting away. Are you sure you aren’t losing too much too fast?
You: It seems that something about me being slim is concerning you (or frightening to you or upsetting to you). But for me, my weight loss is a good and healthy thing.

Saboteur: Are you sure you can eat that?
You: My diet is varied and healthy. I eat foods in smaller portions. Or (if such comments persist): Until we can communicate about my food plan in a way that feels good to me, I don’t want to discuss my diet anymore.

Saboteur: You don’t like my brownies all of a sudden?
You: I like your brownies very much. But I’m not hungry right now; I’m full. (Or ask to wrap up some brownies to take home, but then toss them out.)

Saboteur: Here, one doughnut left, want it?
You: I really am working hard. I’m feeling great, and it would be nice to have your support. Is there anything I can do to help you give me that?

Saboteur: It’s your birthday. One piece of cake won’t hurt!
You: Yes, I know. I’m just so full . . . I’m going to take it home for later.

Saboteur: It’s great you’re losing weight. I hope you can keep it off this time.
You: You may feel that your comments about my weight are supportive, but it would help me if . . . (fill in the blank with something like “you didn’t remind me of my past diets.”)

Saboteur: It’s none of my business, but don’t runners get a lot of knee injuries?
You: You know, I’ve spoken to my trainer, and my exercise habits are healthy.

Saboteur: Are you still on your diet? Have you lost any weight?
You: I appreciate your questions, but I might take them as pressure and feel frustrated if I can’t report better numbers every time you ask me.

Saboteur: You know, you don’t seem to be the same since you lost weight.
You: I really feel confused by that comment; I really want you to be supportive of my accomplishment.


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