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Your Fix: Getting a Raise

Asking for a salary increase can definitely be a nerve wracking experience. There’s so many questions going on in your head at the time like “Will my boss say yes?”, “Will they be mad at me?”, and “Am I being too pushy?”.

However, it is completely reasonable to ask for a pay bump in the work force, you just have to make sure you approach it in a strategic and professional manner.

When you address your desire for a raise to your boss, make sure to have your case ready. Be ready to explain your recent contributions to the company and department and why you deserve the increase in pay. Being prepared is a prime step in discussing this topic with management.

You also should be mentally ready for if management tells you no. Being told no is a part of the business world and it should give you motivation to try harder and seek new responsibilities. This way next time you have the conversation about receiving a raise, your boss might tell you yes.

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