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When’s Happy Hour?: The Betches Reveal Career Guide Cover!

When's Happy Hour? by The BetchesFirst the Betches taught us how to master our personal lives in Nice is Just a Place in France and I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies.

Now the New York Times best-selling authors and founders of the Betches Media company are back to help us become the most successful, betchiest professional women we can be in their upcoming career guide, When’s Happy Hour?: Work Hard So You Can Hardly Work.

Chock-full of practical tips, the guide will cover topics like how to get a job, best practices for advancing in your career, what to know about starting your own company, insights into the dynamic between men and women in the office, and generally just how to be a straight-up BOSS. Basically, if you’re a woman in today’s workforce, this one’s for you–and all your friends.

While the book is set to hit stores on October 23, 2018, you can see the newly released cover and read an excerpt at Us Magazine right now to get a taste of its solid career advice, anecdotes, and snarky humor. After all, it’s never too early to add something new to your To Be Read pile, is it? (Nope.)

For more more news updates and sneak peeks at When’s Happy Hour, stay tuned to Tips on Life & Love!


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