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Turn Your Favorite Hobby into a Side Hustle

No one can disagree that earning some extra money on top of your regular paycheck would be super nice. You can easily accomplish this by turning your favorite hobby into a side hustle! Elana Varon, author of THE ULTIMATE SIDE HUSTLE BOOK, advises you on how you can use your skills to make some extra cash. 

Let Your Skills and Interests Guide Your Choices:

Everyone has saleable skills. With online platforms to match work with people who want to do it, even the most basic tasks have value. You don’t need formal work experience to wait in a line, but if you have patience (and books to read or smartphone games to play), you can make $25 per hour or more as a line waiter.

Think about everything you do in a typical day at work and at home. If you focus on tasks or activities where you excel or that you especially enjoy, you’ll come up with a list of skills and expertise that you can turn into a side hustle. These might align with your education or your primary job, but they may just as easily relate to a way you think, a hobby, a household task you’ve mastered, or your family responsibilities.

Tune in to what your friends and colleagues admire about you, or the areas where they rely on your advice or experience.

  • If people ask you for help with their presentations, you might be able to create a side hustle crafting slide decks, critiquing presentation delivery, or selling an online course that teaches others how to improve.
  • If your wardrobe is full of thrift store purchases that you have tailored, embellished, or otherwise altered, you might be able to provide mending and alterations, or sew clothes to order.
  • If you have an abundant garden, you might help others choose plants, give advice about garden feeding and maintenance, or help with outdoor chores.
  • Don’t forget about making money from things you own or that you can easily and cheaply acquire. Your eye for bargains or love of yard sales can become a resale business or provide raw materials you can use to create and sell upcycled goods.

See how you can make money with your many skills and hobbies in THE ULTIMATE SIDE HUSTLE BOOK by Elana Varon!


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Excerpted from The Ultimate Side Hustle Book by Elana Varon Copyright © 2018 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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