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Tips on Dominating Your Business Meeting

Making a good impression during a business meeting is important in order to ensure your own success. It helps with both your networking and communication skills! Carissa Lytle and Jara Kern, author of THE INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE FOR ENTREPRENEURS, share their tips on dominating your business meeting. 

Before the meeting

  • Set a date, time, and place for the meeting that works for all parties.
  • Send a calendar invite with all the meeting details and an alert or reminder built in.
  • Send an agenda that clearly outlines your expectations and discussion points.
  • If you’re presenting, confirm technology and equipment needs so you have what you require to be successful.

During the virtual meeting

  • Dial in or log in five minutes before anyone else.
  • If you’re using videoconferencing, dress professionally, choose an appropriate backdrop, and minimize background noise. Make eye contact with the camera on your computer, not the screen (or you’ll look like you’re looking down).
  • Screensharing? Make sure your desktop is clear so you’re not showing a document you ought not to.

During the in-person meeting

  • Leave fifteen to thirty minutes for extra travel time so you avoid the panic of traffic and other unanticipated delays. » Meeting at Starbucks, Panera, or another restaurant? Plan to get there first so you can secure a table.
  • Meeting at an office? You never know what security entails. Make sure you bring your government issued ID or driver’s license.
  • Bring copies of the agenda and any other meeting materials.
  • Make sure you have ample time and support to set up your technology.
  • Greet everyone with a firm handshake and eye contact.
  • Thank your clients for hosting you. » Leave ample time for discussion and reviewing the next steps at the end.
  • Respect everyone’s time— and conclude on time.

After the meeting

  • Follow up via email to emphasize the next steps.

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Excerpted fromTHE INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE FOR ENTREPRENEURS by Carissa Lytle and Jara KernCopyright © 2019 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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