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Success Stories After 50

SeniorWoman_400Think getting older stinks? It’s not all downhill–after all, Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel at 71. Here are more reasons to embrace your golden years, plus surprising statistics on age and success from Stanford University, whose researchers tracked 400 of the world’s most famous people. From The Wonder of Aging: A New Approach to Embracing Life After Fifty.

The researchers discovered:

• A third of the accomplishments of the four hundred most famous people came when they were between sixty and seventy years old.

• A quarter came when they were seventy to eighty.

• More than half of what researchers called “the world’s greatest work” was achieved by leaders, thinkers, and creative people, businesspeople, and others who were sixty or older. More than half! Some examples:

• Hillary Clinton was sixty-two when she became America’s secretary of state.

• Golda Meir was seventy-one when she became prime minister of Israel.

• Michelangelo was thirty-three when he began work on the Sistine Chapel.

• Julia Child was forty-nine when her first cookbook was published. Louise Nevelson was a prolific sculptor well into her eighties. Tony Bennett is a regular Grammy Award winner, and he is an octogenarian.


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