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Motivate Yourself: Productivity Starts at Your Desk

Motivation can be hard when you’re working 9-5, Monday through Friday. Your desk is the first place you should start when it comes to being efficient and productive at work. Emily Price, author of PRODUCTIVITY HACKS, shares how to motivate yourself by having a productive work station.  

Productivity starts with your work area. Here are a few useful items to keep on your desk to boost your efficiency:

  • A second monitor. An extra monitor allows you to have multiple browser windows and apps open at once so you don’t have to weed through twenty tabs to find something.
  • Sticky notes. These are great for writing yourself small reminders or project notes that you attach to your monitor or project folder.
  • A pack of highlighters in various colors. Countless studies have shown the link between color and memory. Assigning different projects to colors on your calendar or in your personal notes can help you keep track of all the different tasks and things to remember throughout your day.
  • A portable stand to turn your sitting desk into a standing desk. Research has found that switching from sitting to standing throughout the day can boost energy levels as well as mood.
  • Cables to charge all your electronic gadgets.
  • A calming figurine, Zen garden, or plant that you can focus on when you need a brief refresher between tasks.
  • A backup hard drive where your work is routinely saved. This way, if your computer experiences technical difficulties, you’ll still have access to your work. 150. A lamp. Even if you have a wall full of windows, a lamp will come in handy when you’re working late. Turning it on while reading paper documents can also provide an extra boost of alertness when your mind starts to wander.
  • A filing system. For instance, you might have a basket for incoming mail and another for correspondence you need to deal with. Don’t ever let papers just aimlessly sit on your desk while you’re not using them. That’s how things get lost and how you end up wasting valuable time finding them.
  • A few snacks. You don’t want to keep twelve bags of chips in your desk drawer, but a few protein bars or packages of peanuts will come in handy when you start to get hungry but don’t have time to step away from your desk to find a snack.

For more tips on how to boost your productivity and motivation check out PRODUCTIVITY HACKS by Emily Price!


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Excerpted from Productivity Hacks by Emily Price. Copyright © 2018 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Wu Yi on Unsplash.


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