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How to Get Along Better with Colleagues [Video]

Coworker relationships are very important when it comes to succeeding in your career and moving up the corporate ladder. Kimberly Friedmutter, author of SUBCONSCIOUS POWER, shares her advice on how to get along better with colleagues. 


Mindful language can be your asset in work relationships. Be keenly aware of defensive phrases, such as “To be honest with you” (which might suggest to the recipient’s subconscious that the speaker isn’t always honest) or “Maybe you don’t understand what I’m saying” (which puts blame on the listener).

Instead, chose more supportive ways of expressing yourself with colleagues. “Perhaps I didn’t explain myself fully” (which allows you to take responsibility for your words) or “Let me try a different approach” (which also moves the conversation forward).


Your time is valuable, and so is everyone else’s. We all know that life is full of unexpected twists: meetings that run long, accidents that lead to traffic jams, long lines at the grocery store. However, if you begin a practice of padding your schedule (a few minutes per task), you’re likely to make up for lost time, keep your calendar on schedule, and possibly have a few spare moments at the end of the day.

Remember: If you’re not worrying about and preoccupied with getting to a meeting on time, your subconscious is free to focus on something positive, like the meeting itself. When you arrive on time, your colleagues will see you as someone who not only respects your schedule but theirs, as well.


Getting to know the people at work with a little small talk can go a long way to building relationships.

On first blush, you might think this is all about manners and being polite with your coworkers. It’s more than that. People love attention and the more interested you are in what interests them, warms them up to you!

Connecting with other human beings, not to mention your colleagues allows for greater empathy and deeper connections for each of you. It’s a little bit of effort with a big payoff in the form of rapport. As you get to know your coworkers (hobbies, family life, where they went to school…), you’ll have more familiarity with one another. Then your subconscious—and theirs—will be more at ease.

Author of the book Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted, Kimberly Friedmutter CHt is a certified hypnotherapist, a member at large of the prestigious UCLA Health System Board, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the Association for Integrative Psychology, the American Board of Neurolinguistics Programing, and the International Hypnosis Federation.

Kimberly is currently in private practice, dividing her time between Nevada and California, serving high-performing clientele who share her philosophy: “Expect the exceptional.”

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