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How to Be More Creative, Starting Now

WomanGardening_400Make this the year you take the photo, write the sentence, move the body, sing the note, or moisten the paintbrush. Here’s how to make the time and space for being creative, and how to find the inspiration that moves you. From Wild Creative: Igniting the Passion and Potential in Work, Home, and Life.

The spirit of creativity is enhanced when we make routine time for it; the creative channel is stronger when we value its flow.

Ponder your own creative form. What is the best time of day for you creatively: morning, afternoon, night? Where will you create—at home, in an office, at a cafe, in an open space, with other people, alone? When can you make time to be creative that will fit into your schedule, or how can you shift your schedule to make time? Do you have a creative space or can you make one for yourself? What do you need in order to make creative time for yourself—focus, clear commitment, childcare, a change in schedule, a place?

Once you have a concept of the form for your creative practice, ponder the inspiration. What type of creative practice inspires you—dance, writing, visual art, nature, daydreaming, spending time with children, music, gardening, cooking? When are you most inspired each day, each week, each season? I prefer to write on Tuesdays, for example, so I schedule my healing practice with women on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I find that certain days have a rhythm that influences what I’m inspired to do. Similarly, I teach in fall and spring because of the outward energy moving me at that time. Then I retreat with my family and personal creative practice in the summer and winter.

Where are you most inspired—a quiet room, the kitchen, a noisy bar, outside? What landscape inspires you—urban, forest, river, mountain, field, ocean, tended garden, wild nature? What do you need in order to be more inspired—time in the wild, an art class, a hands-on activity, the company of friends or community, a new environment, less stress, coffee? What happens when you are inspired? How do you feel in your body: sad, sleepy, ecstatic, like you want to yell, cry, laugh, sing?

A creative practice is made up of form and inspiration, and many artists intuitively create a body of work this way.


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