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Gaby Dunn’s 5 Tips on Balancing Love and Money [Video]

We can probably all agree that money is not exactly the easiest topic to discuss when it comes to dating and relationships. No one wants to bring up salary, loans, debt, and credit on a date. However, it’s inevitable that the topic will EVENTUALLY be brought up and you’re going to want to know how to handle it. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, casually dating, or seeing someone new, you’re going to face some uncomfortable conversations about finances. Gaby Dunn, host of the Bad with Money podcast and now the author of the book BAD WITH MONEY too, shares some of her hard-won advice on the matter. In the video above, watch her explain 5 tips on balancing love and money. Then, read on for a few more wise words from her funny, relatable, insightful book. 

Dating is hard, especially when it comes to spending money on a partner. Try not to make assumptions about someone’s situation based on background or gender, and don’t put on a money front you can’t maintain.

Talk openly with serious partners about money. This doesn’t have to be a scary “show me you can keep me in the manner I am accustomed to” or a “I am terrible at money and you should run far away” talk. You can discuss your family’s background or what your priorities would be if you suddenly were given $100,000. A hypothetical like the latter can help you get a sense of each other’s attitudes toward money.

Money is not super romantic, but it can have a huge impact on relationships. You don’t want to wait a long time to find out you have no common ground on which to build a life together.

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P.S. Ready to get your finances turned around? Discover more tips on how to save and manage your funds by picking up a copy of BAD WITH MONEY by Gaby Dunn!

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