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Driving Your Way to Business Success

Figuring out the right system on how to run your business is important. There’s so many different types of players involved when you’re in the career world. Ron Clark, author of MOVE YOUR BUS and cast member of CBS’s SURVIVOR, shares his advice on how to achieve business success.

So let me explain the basics. We’re going to allow this bus to represent your business. More specifically, it represents the goals and achievements you hope to reach as an organization. Depending on your personal circumstances, the bus could be a corporation, a small business, a sports team, your family, or even a school. Now, the bus has no gas tank and no gas, because your organization is going nowhere without the people on your team to act as energy and fuel. So imagine that we are going to cut holes in the floorboards and move the bus ourselves, with our own efforts, just like Fred Flintstone did. In other words, the movement of your organization toward its goals depends entirely on the people who are on the team. And that includes YOU. If everyone is performing at the top of his game, success is imminent. But of course, not everyone is working at the same level when it comes to moving the bus.

In every organization, there are different styles of workers, which I mentally categorize by the amount of energy they expend. I think of them as Runners, Joggers, Walkers, Riders, and Drivers. The Runners are the top performers, the people who really lend their muscle to moving the bus. Joggers are conscientious workers who do a good job but are not at the same level as Runners. Walkers contribute less forward momentum than the others, and Riders are essentially dead weight.

  • You may be a former Runner who has burned out and is just coasting on the memories of how great you used to be.
  • You may be a Walker who wants to run but can’t because you are so darn exhausted. The energy to do more just isn’t there anymore.
  • You may be a potential Runner who is stuck in a situation with a boss who walks and doesn’t value your worth to the organization.
  • You may be a Rider who wants to be better but has no idea how to begin to walk, much less run.
  • You may be a Runner who has looked around and realized that there is a new, younger crop of Runners who seem to be accelerating with turbo boosters that make your run look like a trot.
  • You may be a wonderful person who has had horrible things happen to you in your personal life and who feels like the will to run has gone.
  • You may even feel as if you have fallen off the bus and been run over by it. For example, you might have received a decrease in pay, added assignments with no compensation or signs of appreciation, or an unwelcome change in your job description (such as, in the case of an educator, a new grade or subject that you will have to teach).

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Excerpted from Move Your Bus by Ron Clark. Copyright © 2015 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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