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Clinton Kelly’s Money-Saving Laundry Tips

Laundry_300Tired of washing your money down the drain? Here are five ways to save on laundry expenses and to get more mileage out of your clothes. From Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget.

Here are some of my BEST TIPS to clean up your laundry routine.

1. I am not a fan of traditional deodorant because it contains aluminum. Luckily I don’t give off much BO, but I do wear it because working under hot TV lights all day can make me work up quite a man-sweat. So, before chucking my clothes in the hamper, I do a sniff test. Could I get away with wearing these jeans again? Will I clear a subway car if this sweater is not laundered immediately? WEAR CLOTHES MORE THAN ONCE WHEN AT ALL POSSIBLE. Save money on water and electric bills and give a knowing nod to Mother Nature for lending you her valuable resources.

2. My vision of life in the Italian countryside is highly romantic and involves fields of cypress tress, bottles of Chianti, and naughty uses for fresh-pressed olive oil. But there is always the image of big, white bloomers hanging on the line in the courtyard. They are not my skivvies, rest assured, but could belong to any one of the beautiful local ladies. Americans are hooked on their dryers. The rest of the world likes a little sunshine in their underpants. HANG CLOTHES TO DRY whenever possible outside or on an indoor rack. Your electric bills will go down south, and your clothes will last much longer!

3. Make sure you have enough dirty laundry to MAKE A WASH WORTHWHILE. Unless that small pile of putrid socks is stinking up your bedroom, it’s more cost effective to run a reasonably large load instead of lots of tiny ones. But don’t overload the washer—your clothes need room to groove; otherwise the grime will just get redeposited on your garments and you will be the smelly chick at work.


4. VINEGAR can lightly dress salad greens, but in your washing machine it takes on a whole new life. Add a cup to the wash cycle to soften clothes instead of using pricey liquid fabric softener. It will also freshen musty loads of towels (everyone has them, do not be ashamed). Your pantry holds a bevy of other natural laundry products too. Salt removes stains, lemons whiten whites, and baking soda neutralizes odors.

5. DITCH EXPENSIVE DRYER SHEETS made with questionable chemicals and opt for woolen dryer balls. Like a good masseur, they are reusable and will pummel your clothes silly till they are soft and wrinkle-free. A good collection could last up to five years. Forgo the plastic versions you might see in the grocery store and troll the Internet for ones handmade by Brooklyn-based hipsters who refuse to acknowledge that they have multimillion-dollar trust funds and don’t really have to craft woolen balls for a living.


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