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4 Types of People to Keep in Your Circle for Career Success

In order to thrive in the business world, it’s important to surround yourself with positive and inspirational people. Jaclyn Johnson, author of WORKPARTY and CEO of Create & Cultivate, shares the types of people you should keep in your circle in order to find career success. 

I like to think of my tribe as a diverse group of women that fall into the following categories:

#1. Ride-or-Dies

Friends who have nothing to do with your business and no agenda. These are the people who are either (A) related to you (best sister ever, Jessica Bordner!) or (B) have known you so long, they have an archive of real blackmail material.

#2. Business BFFs

Friends who will affect your business and be your peer counsel and your biggest cheerleaders. Oftentimes these women are met on the job, and even more often than that, they’ll be from your first or second job. They will be the ones alongside you when you ask for vacation time for the first time, and who confide in you whether they declared a 0 or a 1 on their W-9, because apparently HR “isn’t allowed to advise on that.” They are the women you first meet when you’re Googling how a “deductible” works, and you’ll be a unit as you rise together. They can be met at any stage of your career, and you’ll only get better at identifying the good ones with both gal-pal and business potential.

#3. Mentors

The people who have been there, done that. Women who are influential to you, who will speak to you, who will tell you everything will be OK. Sometimes they are former bosses or family friends or people you’ve stalked at networking events and/or Instagram. They’re usually older and can provide invaluable long-term perspective.

#4. Employees

The people who get your vision and show up to support it. The people who represent you, your value proposition, and your mission. The people who prove to your clients or partners that you’re legitimate. You pay them for their work, and at times it feels like a lot to be responsible for.

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Excerpted from WorkParty by Jaclyn Johnson. Copyright © 2018 by Create & Cultivate. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash.


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