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3 Power Poses to Boost Your Confidence at Work

HandsFoldedHead_400Research has shown that by simply assuming a pose, you can change how you are thinking and feeling. Postures that take up a lot of space with your body send signals about your confidence and dominance. Try one of these power poses from How the Body Knows Its Mind and see for yourself.

Expansive, open postures tend to increase our feelings of power and control. They can even enhance our ability to project power and confidence to others. There is more to how we hold ourselves than meets the eye. Here are a few body position tips from the power posing research, whether you are in a meeting, pitching to a client, negotiating on the phone, or by yourself; they capitalize on the idea of spreading your limbs and taking up a lot of space:

If you are standing at your desk, stand tall and keep your hands wide apart.

Rest your arm on the chair next to you during a meeting. It opens up your body, allowing you to take up more space.

Put your hands behind your head with your elbows pointed outward.

Uncross your legs, even prop them up in front of you on a desk or table. This helps you take up additional space and creates a mental and physical feeling of expansiveness. Try this technique when you are on the phone as a way to feel larger physically and emotionally, more confident and assertive.

No matter what pose you choose, wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too constraining. Whether you are answering email, on an important call, or in a heated meeting, you want to feel that you can stretch out and open up physically and mentally.


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