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What Your Summer Vacation Destination Says About You

Oh, yeah–summer vacation time is finally upon us! We all have our go-to destinations, whether that be somewhere poolside or a beautiful place to hike. The Betches, authors of NICE IS JUST A PLACE IN FRANCE, dish about a few summer vacation destinations and the types of people you’ll meet there. Did yours make the list? What do you think your favorite spot says about you?

The Hamptons

Take a small percentage of betches and bros from the NYC scene out to the east end of Long Island for the weekend and you have a whole new level of exclusivity. If you’re a tristate-area betch and you don’t have a house here or a friend who does, you better fucking play sick every weekend. I mean, we’ve all seen Revenge.

Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard

These places are much like the Hamptons in the elitist sense, but less Jewish, less flashy, and less located in New York. With more old money and Vineyard Vines.


For those who dwell in warm-weather locales like Miami or LA, Aspen is a summer getaway—a place where you’ll find lots of shopping, marijuana dispensaries, and less hot temperatures that still allow for tanning.


A combination of prep school/lax bros, WASPy girls wearing pearls, Jack Rogers, and Lilly Pulitzer, and tan surfers who just like to drink a lot. If you drive a Range Rover, pimped-out Land Cruiser, or an old-school Defender, then you fit right in. Knowing the bouncer and the bartenders at the Chicken Box is key so you can drink as many “life is good”s as possible. People who go to Nantucket would probably never set foot on Martha’s Vineyard—it has too many chain stores and stoplights to be charming.

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Excerpted from Nice Is Just a Place In France by BetchesCopyright © 2013 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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