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Let Reality TV Run Your Life

Bravo, MTV, ABC and HGTV are all channels that thrive with their reality television programming. From shows like Below Deck, The Bachelor, and Home Town there’s just so many choices out there for you to tune into to forget about work and life. Abby Zidle brings you the best advice that’s featured on your favorite guilty pleasures. 

Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have the energy to make any more decisions about your life. What should you make for dinner? Where should you travel? Should you swipe right on that guy in the fedora? (J/K the answer to that is always NO.) Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else call the shots for a while? And who better to ask than people whose job it is to live their lives more glamorously, more publicly, and way more messily than you! Fortunately, there are plenty of reality-TV stars-turned-authors eager to boss you around…

What should I wear?

When it comes to fashion, there’s no one we want advice from more than the impeccable Tim Gunn. So we look to GUNN’S GOLDEN RULES for his advice on whether we can pull off shorts at the theatre, plus dishy gossip on how Anna Wintour descends a staircase. (And for an even deeper fashion-dive with Tim, don’t miss TIM GUNN’S FASHION BIBLE in ebook!)

What do I want for dinner?

OK, OK, Reese isn’t exactly a reality star, but we thinking WHISKEY IN A TEACUP sums up that mindset perfectly…plus, we reeeeeeally want to try that cheddar biscuit recipe. Perfect for eating in front of the TV!

Is it time to redecorate?

Whether you’re a dedicated crafter, or just have a really beautiful Pinterest board, you’ll love MAKE SOMETHING GOOD TODAY, the new memoir from Erin and Ben Napier, stars of HGTV’s Home Town. Full of inspirational tales about their love story, life in a small town, and how they try to find the beauty around them every day, reading this will give you the confidence to remake your own space—or maybe your life!

Should I text this guy back?

Dating kinda sucks, especially in New York—even if you’re Andi Dorfman, star of The Bachelorette. SINGLE STATE OF MIND, now in paperback, regales readers with her successes and missteps (many, many missteps) as she stops dating for the cameras and discovers that life in the real world isn’t all roses.

Should I head to the mountains or the beach for my next vacation?

The beach! And the guy to get you there is none other than Captain Lee of Below Deck. While you’re watching the antics of his crew on the new season (they’re in Tahiti OMG so gorgeous), you can read about the adventures Lee had even when he was just starting his boating career in the Caribbean in RUNNING AGAINST THE TIDE. Turns out sailing through thunderstorms and escaping pirates is the perfect training for becoming a yacht captain on reality TV!

And finally, whose advice should I take next?

We’re looking forward to hearing from Jackie Chan in his upcoming book, NEVER GROW UP. He’s an honorary reality TV star on this list because he REALLY does all those amazing stunts in his movies. (And because who doesn’t love Jackie Chan?) Besides, we can all use a reminder to stay young at heart—this one comes out in December.


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