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Ladies’ Night In: Your Guide to a Smashing Soiree

So Galentine’s Day has officially arrived, which means tonight is the night to celebrate with your gals. Though this holiday is actually the invention of a little TV show called Parks & Rec, over the last few years, it has burrowed its way into our hearts for real. And honestly, who couldn’t use an excuse to let loose and have a little fun on a Wednesday night anyway?

Some of you might have plans to grab some cocktails, or maybe you’re hosting a movie night (who doesn’t love a good rom-com marathon with wine?). Whatever your plans entail, you’ll definitely want to find a way to show appreciation to your friends who have stuck by you through the years. This special day to celebrate friendship only comes once a year, so you’ll definitely want to raise a glass–or 2, maybe even 3–with some of your besties.

For those of you hosting your own “ladies’ night in” for your group of friends, we’ve come up with a list of books to inspire some fun activities you can take part in. With these books you can come up with some fun cocktails to create and games to play–all but guaranteeing the perfect Galentine’s Day.

Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash.


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