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6 Unforgettable Outfits with Your Favorite Jeans

blazer_jeans300Just like dark and neutral colors, jeans often become the fall-back “basic” that we wear with an utter lack of thought. Here are six ways to spruce yours up, from Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life.

1. Wear them with an expensive or expensive-looking suit jacket like a shrunken bouclé number (very Chanel) or a navy blazer, plus a slim-fitting tank or tee and lots of chains and pearls.

2. Pair them with a feminine silk blouse, big statement earrings, and a heel.

3. Top them with a gorgeous cashmere sweater and a statement necklace.

4. Flirt them up with evening wear—a sequined or silk halter top, dangly earrings, and a heel.

5. Go glam with a tuxedo jacket, a silk tank, and a statement heel. (This look works best with black or dark denim.)

6. For summer and spring, wear them with a boldly patterned statement top and a wispy, barely there pair of sandals.


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