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3 Steps to Decorating Your Home for Fall

Farah Merhi pictured decorating for fall
Photo credit: David Sparks

Want to get a head start on decorating your home for next season? Farah Merhi, author of INSPIRE YOUR HOME, shares some stylish tips.

Ah, Fall! The one season I look forward to every year. It’s the time of year where the leaves are changing, cooler temperatures are in the air, and of course, coziness comes to mind. I love decorating my home to reflect the seasonal changes happening outdoors. In the fall, I focus on layering accent decor pieces that will make my home feel warm, inviting, and cozy. Decorating for the seasonal changes does not have to cost a lot. You can do it in a cost-effective way for a quick and easy refresh.

Here are 3 steps that will get you ready for the fall season! 

Step 1: Choose a color palette: Think of a color palette that reminds you of fall. Infuse your colors through decorative accents like your pillows, your throw, and a few decor pieces like a bowl filled with mini pumpkins and acorns. Style scented candles around your home that remind you of fall. Think of vanilla, pumpkin spice, or even apple cider. Don’t forget floral arrangements! Sprinkle your arrangements in rooms like your family room, dining room and kitchen. Most importantly, don’t forget your entryway. What better way to welcome your guests than with a vase filled with seasonal flowers and a scented candle…a few decorative pumpkins and voilà! 

Step 2: Add texture: This is one important element you don’t want to forget. Texture is important to create that warm and inviting look you’re going for. Think of faux fur or knit throw blankets. Velvet and metallic decorative pillows and plush area rugs will also do the trick!

Step 3: Complete the look with layering. There is nothing like a layered look to make your home feel cozy for the season. Have fun styling throw blankets on your sofas and bed! They are great for visual appeal but also for those chilly nights you need to cuddle up for warmth. Different-sized pillows arranged on your sofas and beds are a great way to add a plush, full, and layered look. Style a basket with more pillows and a throw blanket by your armchair or fireplace—but don’t stop there. Layer your décor, too, because after all, it’s all in the details! Here are some examples: Assemble candle holders with candles over a tray and a floral arrangement in a vase on your coffee table. And of course, don’t forget your kitchen! Styling a vignette on your island is always a fun way to welcome the fall season. Start by layering a tray with a vase and some fun faux or real florals and don’t forget your candle!

Remember, have fun when decorating your home for the season. Bring in elements that make you smile and spark a sense of happiness every time you walk through your front doors!

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Farah Merhi is the founder of Inspire Me! Home Decor, which began as an Instagram page in 2012, now has 5.5 million followers and is the most followed interior design inspiration page on Instagram. Since then, she has launched a blog, YouTube channel, and home décor and furniture line. Farah is also a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a social media influencer. The author of Inspire Your Home, she has appeared on ENews, the Hallmark Channel and designs her own décor line for QVC. You can find more of her product line on Wayfair. Farah and her designs have been featured in WWDHelloGigglesDomino, and elsewhere.


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