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Your Fix: Plan Your Summer Vacation

Summer will be right around the corner in no time. So, the upcoming weeks are primetime when it comes to planning your getaway.

You’ll want to figure out how many days off you’ll need from work, what you need to buy in preparation, and booking your means of transportation. These are all important factors that you’ll need to keep in mind, so giving yourself extra time to plan your summer vacation will help ease your mind in the end.

Everyone needs some sort of vacation from the stresses of work, school, etc. So, even if you don’t have that many days off to use or you don’t want to drop a lot of money, there’s a lot of little ways you can plan a small getaway for your mental health. “Staycations” might even be the route you want to take, if you don’t want to plan anything outside of the confines of your home.

Here are some articles to help kickstart your vacation planning:

Photo by Glen Jackson on Unsplash.


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