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Your Fix: How to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

Woman stressed at workThe responsibilities of your job and personal life can be difficult to balance on the best of days. When you have a major project deadline to meet the same day you promised to chaperone a field trip, for instance, the pressure can be overwhelming. While stress may be nothing new, living with too much of it for too long can take a toll physically and mentally. At home, you may not be as patient and attentive as you’d like. At work, you may be veering toward burnout, with symptoms like chronic fatigue, cynicism, and lack of productivity. Overall, you’re just not the person you want to be. This is when you need to take some time out and find an outlet for your worry and anxiety.

Need some easy, sustainable ways to keep your stress levels under control? We’ve got your back. In the list of helpful articles below, you’ll see there are various routes you can take. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help, as can enjoying a silly activity like blowing bubbles. Journaling or coloring can be an artistic way to blow off steam, and that’s only the tip of the creative iceberg. Reprioritizing and finding the right work-balance is bound to help remind you of what’s truly important in your life. Techniques like prepping for the next day, swimming, listening to music, and focusing on successes can also mitigate tension. And if you need a deeper dive into stress management, there’s a recommendation roundup waiting for you with 10 books to give you the tools you’ll need to stay at the top of your game.

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