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Your Fix: Letting Out Your Inner Rage

relationshipIt’s safe to say that everyone gets angry. Your anger might come out after your given the wrong coffee order or maybe your boyfriend just told you that “Bradley Cooper isn’t even THAT attractive”. Whatever the reason–it’s important to practice letting out your inner rage in a positive, constructive way.

There’s so many different methods and activities you can practice in order to better control your feelings of anger. Some people enjoy meditation, while others prefer breathing exercises. It truly depends on the type of person and what makes them feel calm and at peace with the world.

If your anger stems from a specific person or group it’s important to address whatever the problem is in a healthy and mature matter. Maybe your upset with a comment your significant other or friend said to you that rubbed you the wrong way. Does that mean you’re going to completely cut them out of your life? No. So, your goal should be fixing whatever the disagreement happens to be. Be calm, cool, and collected and be sure to state your case in a caring tone.

We’re all human, so feeling rage or anger is just a part of life. It’s how you control these feelings that truly determine how people see you and how you view yourself. For some articles on controlling your emotions:


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