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Why It’s OK to Question Your Religion

QuestioningReligion_400When we question everything—particularly our religious beliefs—we go deeper into our own personal experience to find out what resonates with, and truly works for us, on our journey. From Indie Spiritualist.

Creating a safe, nurturing, and supportive space for seekers from all paths and walks of life is of paramount importance, especially in this day and age when many feel spiritually out of place. I mean, doesn’t it seem like our natural tendency should be to celebrate our differences, rather than completely discredit one another because of them?

Why are some people so scared of others’ beliefs, particularly regarding religion and spirituality, that they completely discredit what they have to say simply because it doesn’t coincide with their own views or experiences?

There’s no shortage of things that baffle me in life, but exclusion based on different beliefs is one that definitely tops the list. A lot of people automatically think of Christianity and Catholicism when they think of closed-minded religious and spiritual sects, but it’s rampant in all religions and spiritualties, including, but not limited to, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so forth.

We all have our core beliefs, and many of them have served us well. We’ve had many wonderful things instilled in us since birth, plenty of which are still very useful today. Many of us, however (myself included), have also picked up plenty of things that have seeped into our unconscious and definitely don’t serve our, or anyone else’s, best interests. The good news, however, is that it’s much easier to change these outdated paradigms than you may think.

Simply exploring why something doesn’t resonate with us—and bringing mindful attention to our conditioned belief systems—puts us well on our way. This is also a good time for me to mention meditation, as it’s a wonderful complementary practice. Through meditation, our minds begin to quiet, which, in turn, allows new realizations and fresh ideas to make their way to our consciousness. It may not necessarily happen while we’re formally sitting in meditation itself. But when we give our mind some quietude, the results carry over into our everyday lives, making it easier for insights and clarity to present themselves at any given moment throughout the day.

As we go about our days, spending more time in mindfulness and inquiry, we’ll become clearer on the most current truths that resonate and serve us, and we’ll become more deeply rooted in them. We’ll establish a deeper sense of trust in our own intuition, which will guide us unfailingly if we allow it.


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