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Why Celebrating Thanksgiving Is So Important

Lorna Byrne, author of A Message of Hope from the Angels, shares her Thanksgiving prayerGiving thanks helps us to recognize, appreciate, and be grateful for the good things in our lives. It’s something that’s good to do at any time of the year. But I am told that there is something very special about celebrating Thanksgiving.

I have been seeing and talking with angels since I was a little baby. I see angels every day—I see them physically as I see someone sitting in front of me. I see a guardian angel with each and every person, regardless of religion, and I see lots of other angels, too. I have no idea why I should be able to see angels and you don’t. I’m just an ordinary person.

I grew up and live in Ireland, where Thanksgiving is rarely celebrated, so for most of my life I wouldn’t have even known when Thanksgiving was. About five years ago, I was shown something amazing on Thanksgiving and I since then I have celebrated the day quietly ever since.

I was in a cafe in Dublin on Thanksgiving. As I drank my coffee I watched a business man in his 40s sitting on his own at another table. At chest level in front of him, floating in air, was a large golden envelope that seemed to be made of light. Beside the man stood an angel—it was not his guardian angel. This angel was golden and very tall and slender and it gave a female appearance. It had long and pointed wings that were partially open. The angel moved her hand towards the envelope and out of it slipped what looked like a card. On it I could see some form of handwriting. I don’t know what language it was, but it certainly wasn’t a language I knew. It was a very beautiful contemporary script that looked as if it had been written in a neon light. The angel told me it was written in love.

As I watched, another angel swooped down and plucked the envelope from in front of the man and brought it upward. I watched in wonder. I had never seen anything like this before. The angel told me that when someone gives thanks on Thanksgiving their thanks are taken as a prayer and written on this special card. They are then brought by angels to heaven, where they are laid out as an offering before God. The angels haven’t explained how it happens, but they have told me that it is as if God receives each card of thanks personally.

The angels have told me that when we give thanks—even to a stranger who opens a door for us—we are in fact saying a prayer. When we express gratitude, we open up to love, open up spiritually, and are reminded that we are more than mind and body—that we have a soul as well.

The angels have told me that the idea of a day where all people, of different cultures and different religions, give thanks together is very powerful. They showed me this with the golden envelope that they brought to God. The angels have assured me that this happens with all the thanks offered, anywhere in the world, on Thanksgiving.

I have never been in America during Thanksgiving. I would dearly love to be there and hope the opportunity will arise in the near future. Even more than that though, I would love to see the rest of the world adopt Thanksgiving. I don’t mean things like the big traditional dinner; I mean the idea of dedicating this day to giving thanks. What I would love to see is people making a special effort that day to say thank you to the people in their lives—family, friends, neighbors, and to God for the joys that are in their lives. Thanksgiving has the potential to be a day that could unify everyone across this world in giving thanks.

When I was working on my book A Message of Hope from the Angels, the angels gave me a prayer of thanks to share. I’d like to share it with you.

A Prayer of Thanks
Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me, my God
The blessing of having a soul, that speck of your light
The blessing of the gift of my guardian angel for eternity, that never leaves me even for one second
The blessing of the peace and love that dwells in me
The blessing of the family you have given me
The blessing of those you send into my life for companionship
The blessing of living in harmony with those around me
The blessing of my labour, my work
The blessings of all the material things I have in my life, big and small
The blessings of this wonderful world and the nature around me
Thank you, my God, for all the things I forget to thank you for
And most of all, thank you, my God, for continuing to bless my life

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