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What Do Your Social Media Posts Say about You?

Mac_400Sharing as much as we do on social media fosters the belief that people actually want to hear our every thought and see pictures of our every meal. From Unfriending My Ex (and Other Things I’ll Never Do).

Our lives online give us a skewed sense of self-importance and a faulty perception of what’s interesting about who we are, what we do, and what we think. If I see one more Instagram of a cartoon kitten, I’m going to have a breakdown. And please don’t get me started on the inspirational quotes people are now posting instead of photos. Posting a photo of Bob Marley or snippet from a Robert Frost poem does not inspire me. It makes me hate you.

People believe they are projecting the best aspects of their personality when they post, upload, and tweet. But in real life, you are exposing yourself for what you really are: a puddle of raw and desperate insecurity. For instance:

• Picture of yourself with a celebrity? I am in the “in” crowd and I’m at the highest social tier. This translates to the reader as: you have never been friends with a celebrity and it took a great deal of awkwardness to get this photo.

• Any quote about achieving your dream? I am in touch with my emotional side and I am successful because I believe in myself. When I see these, I think: You’re unemployed.

• Bob Marley quote? I’m a hippie and I’m laid-back and very cool. More like: you’re a white kid who smokes weed.

• Robert Frost quote? I’m highly educated and I “get” poetry. Reads as: “The Road Not Taken” is the most overquoted poem in the history of mankind and you probably have never read the whole thing.


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