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How to Use Sleep Affirmations for Better Rest

Getting a peaceful and full night of sleep can be a challenge. Sleep affirmations can help. Sleep affirmations remind you to embrace the positives of life and stay mindful. These messages will help sleep become effortless and you’ll look forward to reading your affirmations each night. Jennifer Williamson, author of SLEEP AFFIRMATIONS, shares why affirmations are so important for a better night of sleep.

A quiet mind, a relaxed body, and a loving heart all work together to pave positive new pathways. Designed with your best sleep in mind, each affirmation in this book shares an easy-to-absorb, holistic message that speaks to your entire being. If you’re ready for better sleep, this book can get you there.

Declare with conviction that you are ready to enjoy the peaceful sleep you’ve been dreaming of. Holding this book in your hands is a testament to your readiness, and the words you’re reading will show you a better way. Sleep doesn’t want you to struggle; sleep asks that you release the struggle. Now that you’ve affirmed your willingness to try something new, the fight to fall asleep is about to be transformed into something much more enjoyable.

Every page shares digestible inspiration that’s both open to interpretation and rooted in wisdom. You might read the same affirmation three times, and each reading will spark new healing according to the season of life you’re in. No matter what’s happening in your life, the intention remains intact: you are encouraged to release the struggle, to receive the wisdom, and to enter the mindful state of peace that invites sleep.

Incorporate this book into your nightly routine, and pick it back up to help you fall asleep after waking. Though the affirmations read well in sequence, you are free to select your nightly reading by turning to a random page. To make sure these affirmations work for you, keep in mind the following suggestions:

• Repeat one affirmation nightly. If tonight’s affirmation doesn’t resonate with you, or if you’re not ready for the message, simply flip to the next (or another) page.

• Take 5–10 minutes to repeat the affirmation. Take your time and let the message sink in.

• Start by reading the words out loud, if possible. If you can’t or don’t want to speak the words out loud, repeat them silently to yourself.

• Once you’ve placed the book back on your nightstand, let the affirmation reverberate in your mind. Loosely ponder what you remember and love most from the message—it might be one sentence or one word that sticks with you. (Many of the affirmations rhyme for easy remembering.)

• Anchor the affirmation in your body with the mindful placement of your hands. Placing your hand on your heart or belly, holding your own hands, and cradling your face are all self-comforting mechanisms that help to establish the affirmation internally.

• Embody the energy of the message. Say it—really experience it—with great feeling and awareness. Go beyond the words themselves and focus on the imagery they elicit.

• When distractions arise, return to the affirmation. In this way, every disturbance becomes another chance to enjoy the affirmation’s deep sentiments.

• Affirm with sincerity and conviction. For any affirmation to work, you must believe it is true for you. This is why each message leaves room for personal exploration; no matter your beliefs, remain receptive to the energetic quality of the statement.

• If you encounter resistance, simply be aware. In the process of using a new affirmation, old, negative, or contradicting beliefs might arise. This is not a sign of failure.

• Resistance to something new is natural. “I’m not worthy” and “Nothing works” are just old thoughts. Give yourself compassion, and give the new affirmation space to grow. It’s all part of a larger practice.

As you practice these positive, mindful affirmations, you’ll participate in the creation of what you truly want. When you relax into your creative power and embrace what’s possible, sleep will become an effortless extension of your nature.


Jennifer Williamson shares 10 affirmations that will help you get a better night of sleep.


Excerpted from Sleep Affirmations by Jennifer Williamson. Copyright © 2018 by Jennifer Williamson. Used by permission of the publisher, Adams Media, a division of Simon and Schuster. All rights reserved.


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