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Unleash Your Creativity

creativityGetting into the creative zone is tough. When you start a project, your mind will put up road blocks at every turn. Suddenly, it’s time to snack, check out social media, and do laundry—anything and everything that will keep you from accomplishing your goals. The key to being creatively successful is simple: Put in the time, and the rest will follow. Learn more in I Hope I Screw This Up: How Falling in Love with Your Fears Can Change the World by Kyle Cease.


When we first start doing anything creative, the first couple minutes are hell. Our minds are in total fear of losing control to the creative part of ourselves. They’re literally trying to save their lives and protect the stories they have created based on our pasts. Those first few minutes of torture are what we think it’s going to be like the whole time, but as we stay in the room and just watch those fears as they come up, we create an opportunity for actual creativity to slip in. If we just keep going and don’t let our minds pull us into some addiction or distraction, our hearts will begin to take over and guide us into that creative zone where we can tap into something truly unique and authentic. The more we do this, the more it becomes second nature for us and our entire lives become a reflection of being in that creative zone and being guided in every moment.

When we let go of something that is taking up space in our lives, we make room for something else to come in.

Staying in the room with my creativity is now keeping me in that zone all the time and, as a result, is causing me to effortlessly cut out the fat in my life: the addictions, the distractions, the people who don’t bring out the highest in me. There’s all sorts of stuff that we hold on to in our lives because we’re scared of what will happen if we let it go, but all it does is slow us down and keep us small. When we let go of something that is taking up space in our lives, we make room for something else to come in.

Keep the creativity flowing. Take further steps to become more productive with help from Google’s Mo Gawdat.


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