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The 7 Types of Friends, According to Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder

Anyone who’s familiar with the reality show Vanderpump Rules definitely knows that Stassi Schroeder tells it how it is. In this sneak peek at her new book, NEXT LEVEL BASIC, she shares her guide to the 7 types of friends in every person’s life. What kind are you?

The Frenemy 

We all have them—the ones who shift back and forth between friend and enemy. This is someone who you hang out with and pretty much get along with, even though there are feelings of jealousy or competition simmering deep down, beneath your spray tan. You might not ask them to officiate your wedding or come over at 3:00 a.m. with some wine and Twizzlers, but life would be so boring without the drama that comes with the frenemy, am I right? Shout-out to Scheana Shay 

The Childhood BFF

This is the closest thing you get to true flesh-and-blood family. There’s nothing like the comfort of being around your childhood best friend, the one who loved you through all your weird phases and failed relationships and life changes. Plus, the inside jokes and references you have with the childhood BFF are like no other (and make sense to no one but you guys, which kind of makes you feel like you’re in an exclusive, superfun cult).

The Travel Buddy

It’s already so hard to find people you travel well with. It sucks going overseas with someone only to find out that they love to plan every single second of the day while you like to wake up at noon and wing it, or that they only want to eat at McDonald’s in whatever country you’re in while you want to eat at random street vendors with no Big Mac in sight. Finding a BFF you travel well with who can also take off work whenever? Hard to find. It’s like the Holy Grail. Find her

The Shot Taker

Because sometimes you just wanna get hammered, you know? Some people feel like doing shots past the age of, like, twentyfour is embarrassing or immature (whatevs), so we all need the friend who DGAF about arbitrary drinking rules and is always there for you when you want a shot, whether you’re twenty-one or forty-one.

The Zen Mistress

Everyone needs one of these to keep us grounded and centered. They’re always so mentally/emotionally stable, it’s inspiring! Whatever they’re putting in their green juices, I need some.

The Talker

I talk for a living. On Vanderpump Rules, on my podcast, in interviews. Most of the time when I’m not working, I kind of want to just sit back and shut up. So having a friend who loves to talk (extra points for a fast talker) is a key player in my book.

The WTF Friend

Everyone has that one person they love and stick by, even when people are like, “How are they friends, WTF?!” It’s the WTF friend, and this species is a ride-or-die. People are always shocked that I’m BFFs with my ex-boyfriends’ girlfriends. But I strongly believe that your ex’s girlfriend pool is one of the best places to find friends. Why? Because if your ex had good enough taste to choose you, then the next girlfriend or boyfriend must be just as cool.

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Excerpted from Next Level Basic by Stassi Schroeder. Copyright © 2019 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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