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Turn Negativity into Positivity with The Yogi Code

positivityFlexibility and a healthy routine don’t just happen on the yoga mat. Turn negativity into positivity with The Yogi Code. Yogi Cameron explains who can become a yogi.


Anyone can become a yogi. The only difference is that a yogi not only lives by society’s laws but lives and is guided by universal spiritual principles, written and taught by the ancient sages—the spiritual scientists and philosophers of their time. While modern scientists use outer matter to conduct experiments and to do studies to arrive at theoretical conclusions, yogis use their own body and mind as a lifelong experiment and prove their results through self-realization and personal experience. Life becomes a grand science project with a higher goal and purpose.

The yogic life chooses you—you don’t choose it. It requires an open mind-set and a yearning from deep within your soul, something within driving and pulling you in a certain direction that you have no real control over. Everything that happens in your life is a prelude, drawing you closer and deeper onto the path even if you are currently in a whole other seemingly unconnected world or lifestyle.

Your success will come from an inner source of power that nothing can shake or steal, and you won’t be dependent on material objects or people to sustain your contentment. This is true freedom for the yogi.

The secret to staying on the yogic path is sustained practice of 7 spiritual principles. The ancient sages have said that the mind and body can only be fully controlled through three steps:
1. Practice done for a long time
2. Practice without breaks
3. Practice with full attention and in all earnestness

Do more than just incorporate yoga into your exercise routine. Explore how the yogi path can help you uncover your own positivity and change your daily life for the better. On a more practical note, you can also use it to finally ditch the late nights and bad food habits.


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