Try This: Fresh Recipes Using the Exotic Dragon Fruit

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Dragon Fruit Recipes for the new It FruitWhile dragon fruit was a mysterious and perplexing fruit mere years ago, it’s since become a familiar and utterly adored ingredient of top chefs and adventurous home cooks alike. This season it’s exploding off the shelves, being blended into everything from vodka to flavored green tea to energy drinks.

Beneath its oddly beautiful exterior lies a center of pulpy white fruit dotted with black seeds. But what does it taste like? Dragon fruit is subtly sweet, refreshing, and blends deliciously with many of summer’s best-loved flavors. Slice into this season’s hottest fun and funky fruit with these cool, fresh recipes.

Dragon Fruit with Strawberries (Kitchen Grrrls)

Dragon Fruit and Banana Smoothie (Seduce Your Tastebuds)

Tuna and Dragon Fruit Salad (Laws of the Kitchen)

Easy and Beautiful Dragon Fruit Dessert (Taste of Beirut)

Blaisin’ Dragon Cocktail (This Girl Can Eat)

Strawberry and Dragon Fruit Tartlets (Taste of Home)

Dragon Fruit Caipirinha (Meatless Balls)

Pink Dragon Fruit Basil Sorbet (Health Food Lover)

Salad of Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate, and Macadamia with Creamy Mint Lime Dressing (The Alkaline Sisters)

Dragon Fruit Salad (White on Rice Couple)

The Skinny Tart (BBC Food)

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