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Try It: 5 Major Health Benefits of Energy Healing

Deborah King, SimonSays, energy healingEveryone is talking about energy healing these days. I’ve been teaching this powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize your life for a long time, and I’m happy to say that people are really getting it.

You’ve heard the buzz about how we are all connected and are “all one.” Behind the scenes of this beautiful world, an unfathomably complex energy network fuels and connects everyone and everything. People are beginning to understand that when we apply this energy as medicine, we can steer our lives in better and more positive directions, heal what ails us, and redirect our vast personal potential toward healthier, happier, more enriched lives.

Energy healing works on every level of your life—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s start with your body, the ultimate superhighway of energy currents. From ancient Chinese, Aztec, and Native American cultures right up to the latest cutting-edge university physics programs, scholars throughout history have understood the invisible flow that courses through the body and has a profound impact upon its systems.

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Energy medicine came into my life with a bang. I was in my mid-twenties when I heard a doctor say to me, “You have cancer.” What a wake-up call! The docs gave me a few months before I would have to have radical surgery for the cancer, so I immediately set to work to tackle it in other ways. That search led me to an energy healer. In our third session together I felt a major shift take place, and sure enough, the cancer was gone. I was sold on energy healing.

Then there’s your mind, which literally processes energy. Tiny electrical impulses transmit information across neurons and form the basis of thoughts. By addressing habitual beliefs and mental patterns from an energetic perspective, you can liberate your creativity and live each day with clarity and purpose. That’s the essence of energy healing therapy.

When it comes to your emotions, they are neither random nor merely reactive to your environment. Your emotions are guided by the flow of energy through your body, specifically the energy centers known as chakras. Clearing these pathways will lead to happy, productive days and a warm, open heart.

As you harness the power of energy healing to feel stronger, clearer, and more joyful, you will continue to embark upon your ever-deepening spiritual journey, opening the door to new plateaus of understanding the nature of the cosmos and the energy of the unseen world, as well as your own inner spiritual essence.

So what can energy healing do for you? I’ve got 5 reasons why you’ll want to learn more about this fascinating field. Energy healing can help you…

1. Release old behaviors. Energy healing helps you tap in to the root of your problems to release any old, habitual thinking and behaviors that are keeping you from experiencing abundance, health, connection and joy in your life. Want to lose weight, stop smoking, or kick an addiction? Try energy medicine.

2. Restore your health. When you put your knowledge to use through energy healing, you can treat serious ailments like cancers and chronic conditions and repair old muscular and skeletal injuries. You can also restore balance to the basic systems of your body, such as digestion and circulation, and promote overall wellness and immunity.

3. Achieve any goal. When using energy healing, you can develop a “success” mentality that steers you to abundance. You can let go of old feelings like guilt and regret and begin to overcome fears that hold you back. Then you’ll be able to rebuild your self-confidence from the inside out.

4. Live a more peaceful life. You can ease the pain of depression and find joy again in everyday life by releasing stress and anxiety and replacing it with a renewed sense of serenity and self-confidence. Energy healing will help you get to the root of pent-up anger so you can move forward toward compassion and understanding and begin living a more peaceful life.

5. Find your sense of purpose. Energy healing gives your life a deep and unshakable sense of purpose and meaning. It encourages your natural intuition to guide you in positive ways and empowers your connections to all of the people in your life.

Energy healing is a very powerful tool when you apply the techniques I can teach you with an open, curious heart and mind. I hope you’ll begin your healing journey today by looking inward and being open to receive.

Deborah King, SimonSays, energy healing


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