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5 Tips for Adapting to Change

February is definitely the time to initiate a change in perspective of your life. However, change can be a difficult concept for people to grasp (especially for people who are set in their ways). Sara Bliss, author of TAKE THE LEAP, shares Alana Nichols’s story on how she was able to adapt to change in her own life. 

After a snowboarding accident left her paralyzed, Alana Nichols thought her dreams of being a professional athlete were over. However, she has gone on to win Paralympic medals in basketball and skiing, and now she is tackling adaptive surfing. Alana shares her top five tips for those rebuilding their life or unexpectedly changing course.

#1. Don’t go through it alone.

Find a tribe of people who support you and understand what you are going through, and be open to receiving their help. We aren’t meant to go through this life alone and certainly not at the toughest of times. Often we isolate and shut down when we are struggling, but nothing could be more counterproductive to growing and moving through a change. It’s surprisingly healing and helpful just to talk about how you feel as you transition

#2. Exercise.

You will feel better immediately, and it works every time. Thirty minutes of any physical movement will help kick-start your momentum when you are going through difficult times.

#3. Develop a Mantra.

Try to boil down all your thoughts into one encouraging theme. Keep it simple so that you can easily focus on it. For example, “Can’t go back, only forward” or “Clear the path.” Breathe deeply, and repeat as often as you need to.

#4. Be grateful.

It is essential to my life to wake up and spend time acknowledging what I am grateful for. Even being thankful for the lesson that hardship is teaching you can change your perspective. Saying “I’m so grateful for this wheelchair” was hard. But once I did, there was this new understanding about how lucky I am to even have a wheelchair

#5. Accept things as they are, even if you don’t want to.

The most important piece for me when dealing with struggle is acknowledging that the transition is equally as important to growth as success is. Simply acknowledging the hardship helps. The sooner you accept what you are going through, the sooner you realize the struggle is not going to last forever and you can, and will, move forward.

Want to learn more about change and adjusting your life the way you want it? Check out TAKE THE LEAP by Sara Bliss. 


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Excerpted from Take the Leap by Sara Bliss. Copyright © 2018 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash.


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