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3 Things We Can All Learn from the Saints

The bible and spirituality help to guide a lot of people in terms of their relationships, career, growth, and overall mindset. Colleen Carroll Campbell, author of THE HEART OF PERFECTION, shares her insight on how religion and the saints can advise us in many different aspects of our lives.

#1. There’s no harm in being vulnerable…

[T]he saints chose vulnerability over vindictiveness. They chose to keep their wounded hearts wide open, like Christ’s, to
keep loving no matter how many times the world or even their own family and friends hurt them. They chose to draw near to God in their suffering rather than to blame Him for it—not once, but again and again and again.

#2. There’s a difference between forgiveness and reconciliation…

[F]orgiveness is not a matter of mere will or skill. It’s a grace.

While we pray for that grace, it helps to recognize that forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation. We can forgive unilaterally but reconciliation requires the other person’s change of heart, too. Some relationships won’t be restored this side of heaven, even after we forgive.

#3. Loving someone means wanting what’s best for them…

To love someone is to want what’s best for that person. Codependency isn’t love; enabling bad behavior isn’t love; pretending you don’t mind abuse or sin isn’t love. A prayerful person may choose to endure mistreatment for love of God if that’s what God has called her to do. But much of what gets passed off as Christian charity is perfectionist people-pleasing in disguise. It’s not about leading others to Christ; it’s about making ourselves look better or avoiding conflict or winning approval. It’s about fear, not love.

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Excerpted from The Heart of Perfection by Colleen Carroll Campbell. Copyright © 2019 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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