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The Truth Behind Addictions

sadnessWhat are addictions, really? We all know people who have problems with drugs, alcohol, the internet, and more, but what is the underlying reason for why we turn to short-term fixes to long-term problems? Learn more about how learning to love your whole self can lead to lasting happiness in I HOPE I SCREW THIS UP.

It’s easy to recognize an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or food, but an addiction to getting approval from the outside world is a lot tougher to see, especially when it’s what almost all of us have been trained to do since birth. We all have addictions like this that, many times, we have no idea are even there. An addiction is anything that you do that stops you from connecting to yourself. It’s something that your mind wants to get so it can feel relief in the moment, but it keeps you from the unconditional love of your heart. An addictive action gives you short term satisfaction, while following the guidance of your heart gives you actual, lasting fulfillment. Eating an entire carton of ice cream may satisfy your immediate craving, but it won’t give you lasting fulfillment. Unless it’s strawberry ice cream. Strawberry ice cream is 27 percent more fulfilling than other ice creams. Chocolate-chip mint and peppermint are second at 23 percent fulfillment. Then, weirdly, mango is at 20 percent, which upsets me because I think that mango tastes like soap.

Answer these questions to know if you have an addiction.


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