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The Importance of Dreaming Big

vacationDo you remember those days as a kid when you wanted to embark on a quadruple career path of being a performer, a doctor, a scientist, and a chef?  As we grew up, we created more realistic dreams that we should not give up on.  The Power of Positive Energy by Tanaaz Chubb offers a little push to help us stay on track of obtaining our dreams.

One of the biggest things that stand in our way of going after our goals, dreams, and wishes is not having enough self-belief. Often we know what we like to do or what we wish we could be doing with our lives, but lack of confidence and low self-esteem gets in our way.

As you start raising your vibration, loving yourself, and aligning your life with positive energy, it will become easier to feel motivated and trust yourself in the pursuit of what you really want to be doing with your life. When you trust yourself and give yourself permission to go after your passions and talents, it allows you to feel more purposeful in your day-to-day life. It also gives you the courage to turn your passions into a career path.

The first step with pursuing any dream or goal, particularly as a career, is believing in yourself. This will allow you to overcome any obstacles and tame any fear that you may have. When pursuing a dream there is always the risk of failing. But failure is not necessarily a bad thing. Failure is simply an opportunity to learn, grow, and try again. Even though I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor and failed, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a highly rewarding or positive experience. In fact, moving to Los Angeles was one of the best decisions I ever made! When you go after your dreams and passions, the end result may not be how you planned it to be, but it can lead you to even more incredible destinations that you never thought were possible. When you have a dream or a goal to achieve, believe in yourself, trust yourself, give yourself permission to succeed at it and fail at it, but most importantly, give yourself permission to at least try.

If you need an extra push of confidence, check out Conquer Fear and Survive Life’s Tests.


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