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The Future Isn’t Female—It’s Feminine

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We’ve all heard that “The future is female,” or seen it printed on a t-shirt. This wording may actually be limiting us, however. In a selection from her book THE EVOLUTION OF GODDESS, author Emma Milton explains the power behind the idea that “The future is feminine.”

I raise you a new thought. The saying “the future is female” is wrong. Hear me out, sister. This, like everything that was out of balance with patriarchy, is flawed, in the same swing of imbalance from female to male, to male to female. The truth is, “the future is feminine.” There is a difference.

How is feminine different? Because as with all labels, categorizations divide us. Evolving means being all-encompassing rather than exclusive. Men are just as capable of being feminine as females are. Therefore, this change isn’t solely to be championed by females. But championed by those in tune with and embracing all things feminine. A balanced approach to both masculine and feminine energy. Not one or the other. Remember from the Goddess Manifesto: Unity is a source of our power.


So here we are. At the age of the Goddesses’ return. Leaving the Piscean Age (New Age) where, as a world, we have been focused on hierarchy and patriarchy, and who holds the keys to power. The feminine is widely and rapidly becoming accepted and rejoiced. Our question for this age isn’t: To be or not to be? It is: To do with love or not with love? As a society, we are focused on being successful, being accepted, being happy with the driving energy of the Pisces age, and we find ourselves looking for something to believe in, a way of life, and a way of being. Now, with the Age of Aquarius (Serve Age) we already have and understand the importance of being, and want to now evolve into the new era of equality in doing. The balancing age. This is the time to open, release, surrender, reset, and embrace your beautiful, strong, gentle, loving, and potent feminine. The beautifully balanced feminine future. You, with your big questions, inquisitive souls, and persistent urge to help and heal everyone and everything, are the Goddesses our world has been patiently wasting and waiting for. Your arrival to awakening, to evolving, couldn’t be more timely. 

As women, you are the ones who have the wisdom. It is up to you to help create equality and balance on a global scale. We are the ones who got this privilege. Now, what are we going to do with it? You’ve been taken through thousands of years to understand your full potential and your alignment with the stars, so what can you do today? Awakened accomplishment is a very real reality, thanks to you! The future is you, it is feminine, and it is incredibly bright.

Want more? Pick up a copy of Emma Mildon’s EVOLUTION OF GODDESS to tap into your feminine superpowers by uncovering your goddess archetype and learning rituals, meditations, and exercises.


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Excerpted from Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon. Copyright © 2018 by Emma Renée Mildon. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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