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The Essential First Step to a Spring Home Makeover

MessyRoom_400Beautiful, clear spaces don’t happen by accident–they begin with intentions. Do you want your bedroom to be peaceful? Your living room to be warm and welcoming? Before you declutter, be clear about what you want from your space, and it will help you see more clearly what does not belong. From Breathing Room.

Chaos may happen accidentally, but peace manifests by intention. Fear and anger may bubble up without warning, but courage and kindness grow through intention. Anything positive we want in our lives begins with intention. Beauty also arrives in our lives unbidden, like a special grace—but without the power of our intention, it will quickly disappear, covered in uninvited clutter.

So we must ask ourselves the questions: What do I want this room to do for the people who are in it? What do I want it to do for me? How do I want to feel when I am in this room?

Some of you may not feel you are entitled to make such a bold, self-determined decision. You may have never really asked yourself, “How do I want to feel in my home?” You bought your home or signed the lease, moved in, and brought all your physical and emotional clutter with you. Everything about your past and your feelings about it just followed you in and landed where it pleased. You have allowed everything to pile up without a second thought or consideration of what energies you wanted to invite into your life.

Well, this is your chance to start over. Imagine, envision, and question what you want. What energies do you want to invite into your home? What feelings do you want in your heart?

To your emotions, you are a wise, compassionate presence. You were able to look at the difficult feelings, truly listen to their needs, and answer them with compassion. You have transformed them into powerful allies. You speak their language. Now it’s time to figure out what feelings you do want.

Do you want your living room filled with joy? Say it, and by golly, say it boldly and proudly. Do you want a bedroom that is a peaceful, restful haven? Own it! Do you want a kitchen that percolates and bubbles with health, creativity, and laughter? That’s awesome. Sing it out—and mean it. You really and truly deserve the energies you intend.


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