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Teens: 4 Big Ideas for Back-to-School Season

dating in collegeIt’s that time of year again: back to school! It can sometimes be rough getting back in the groove after the lazy days of summer. To help I have come up with four big ideas for a smooth transition into the school year ahead.

You probably have a lot of catching up to do with your school friends if you went to camp or were on vacation. Make some time to reconnect with your school friends before school starts—you’ll be a lot more comfortable when September rolls around. Each new semester is an opportunity to make new friends. Make it a goal to talk to a new classmate every day. By the end of the first month, you will know everyone in your class!

Get Organized
Summer’s end is the best time to start getting organized. Buy a planner or calendar so you can manage your time to do everything before the homework starts piling up. Maybe you want to buy some of the essential supplies so you are off to a running start on the first day: pens, pencils, and a cool pencil case to help keep things organized (an extra pencil for your lip glosses is always useful).

There are such cute inexpensive diaries for tracking your experiences and to sort out your emotions. When you don’t feel like writing about your day just use a rating system. No. 1=the best; No 2=a regular day and No.3=could be a lot better.

Calm the Jitters
It’s normal to be nervous when you’re going to a new school or new class, but here’s a trick for taming the jitters. Believe it or not, doing a few jumping jacks before you head out the door to go to school is sure to help. Give it a try.

If you’re nervous about getting lost your first day, get a head start. See if you can get into the building a few days early, when teachers are doing their prep work, then take a look around and find your classroom(s). That way you’ll know exactly where to go on your first day.

Take Care of Your Body
You can say goodbye to sleeping late once school starts! I know, I know… it was so nice to sleep in. Thing is, now you have to start to reprogram your sleep patterns. Start going to bed and waking up a little earlier each day so that your body can get back on your school schedule. You don’t want to be a walking around half asleep all day. Your body will thank you for preparing for the change.

Eating a little bit throughout the day (a.k.a. grazing) will keep your metabolism working and stop your tummy from grumbling. Pack some granola, baby carrots, or some popcorn in a Ziploc bag to eat between classes or during recess. Trail mix is also a good snack.

Having a successful school year is all about your attitude. You can always feel fantastic when you walk down the hall. Just throw your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and you can take on the world.


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