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Tarot Reading Ethics: 3 Situations to Consider Carefully

Tarot readings are definitely a cool way to get in touch with your spirituality. However, you need to be sensitive and understanding when it comes to reading the futures of particular groups of individuals. Skye Alexander, author of THE ONLY TAROT BOOK YOU’LL EVER NEED, shares some advice when it comes to tarot readings.

What will you do when you are at a party and someone asks if you can give her a tarot reading to figure out if she will get a cash windfall from a lawsuit? Or someone wants you to do a reading to assess whether he will get brain cancer like his father did. It is helpful to have at least some inkling of how you would react in this type of scenario. A hot topic in the tarot community always centers around tarot ethics—when is it okay to do a tarot reading and when is it best to pass. You need to come up with your own list of what type of readings you are comfortable doing and in what circumstances you would rather leave the cards alone. It is important to think about these situations before you encounter them so you do not have to make a rash decision in the moment. There are no right or wrong answers as to what to do in these different situations—well, unless your local laws or ordinances have clearly outlined them for you. You can always change your mind later on if you have an encounter that sways you one way or the other.

#1. Be Careful with Medical and Legal Advice

Many tarot readers refuse to answer questions from other people that could be construed as medical or legal advice. A person may come to you wondering why he has pain in his abdomen or if she sued her neighbor, how likely would she be to win. Decide for yourself if you are comfortable answering these questions and what the laws in your area would allow. (It is acceptable to use the cards to guide your own medical issues.) A common issue for tarot readers who read during parties or events is to run into individuals who are drunk and would like to receive a tarot reading. Some clients may even come to you after having a few drinks to settle their nerves before a reading. Would you rather pass on reading for someone who has had a few drinks, or are you okay reading for individuals who might not be at their sharpest?

#2. Young Clients

It is also important to decide how you would like to handle doing tarot readings for individuals under eighteen. Some local laws may prohibit this type of reading, so be sure to do your research. If you are interested in doing readings for minors, think about if you want to get their parents’ approval first or if you want one of their parents to sit in on the reading.

#3. Friends and Family

Even if you are not planning on reading tarot professionally, when people learn that you are interested in the field you will likely have family and friends asking you to do readings for them. Before saying yes, think about it carefully. Sometimes information will come up in a reading that is sensitive or private. Your friend may think the reading is just fun and not realize that you are potentially peeking into her soul. Doing readings for family and friends can potentially change your relationships with them. Decide if you are okay with this.

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Excerpted from The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need by Skye Alexander. Copyright © 2019 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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