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Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection through Tai Chi

Tai chi connects us to our own conscious thoughts, emotions, and spirit. Through this practice, we have the ability to become self-aware. Once we deepen our understanding of ourselves, our spirit will become clearer. MY POCKET TAI CHI shares how to strengthen that spiritual connection.

The word spiritual in the dictionary has several slightly different definitions. The definition most relevant to tai chi is one that relates to conscious thoughts, emotions, and spirit. Tai chi attunes or adjusts you to your own conscious thoughts, emotions, and spirit.

Tai chi supports a personal faith, but it isn’t a faith in itself. Even if you immerse yourself in the ideas of yin and yang and the I Ching, you’re studying a philosophy, not a religion. So to do tai chi and attune yourself spiritually means to decide to do a practice that by its very nature returns you more deeply to yourself and to all the layers of self that you have. Your centering into your body and mind through these activities attunes you to you. Your self-awareness increases in all four areas—body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

This is not to say you will become self-absorbed. To be self-absorbed is to be unable to be present with anything or anyone. The world becomes a series of self-projections that serve only to process the introspection further. Self-awareness means that you know your own feelings and are so comfortable with them that you aren’t ruled by your emotions. Instead, you appreciate them for their ability to connect you in empathy with the world around you. Your mind stays clear and unclouded by ruling your emotions; your mind leads you through one life event after another. You’re calm, clear, unafraid, and yet deeply feeling—you are very human and connected.

Courage, resiliency, calm, wisdom, all of these come from one source—self-awareness: the knowledge of one’s own nature. Self-awareness brings you the ability to take full responsibility for your actions so that you can view them with understanding. It fits people anywhere, anytime, in any faith. As tai chi practice deepens your awareness of yourself, and as your body and mind unite in clarity, your spirit within will also become clear.


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Excerpted from My Pocket Tai Chi by Adams Media. Copyright © 2018 Adams Media, a division of Simon and Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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