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How To Stop Negative Thought

Negative thoughts are not easy to ignore. These thoughts have been festering for years on end and they can seem almost impossible to replace them with positive thoughts. HOW TO OVERCOME SHYNESS shares helpful and simple tips and exercises to help you create room for positive thoughts. In no time, you’ll be kicking negative thoughts in the butt and turning your shyness into strength.  



A technique you can use to replace a negative thought with a positive one is called Thought Stopping. Here’s the way it works:

  1. You walk into a party and a negative thought starts to form in your mind: “I don’t know these people. No one will talk to me, and I’ll be miserable all evening.”
  2. To stop that thought, imagine a door. The door can be made of anything you choose—carved mahogany, two-foot-thick steel, marble, a velvet curtain…anything you feel will be most effective in keeping the self-defeating thoughts securely banished from your desire and willingness to create a positive attitude.
  3. Now that you’ve stopped the negative thought from coming in, you are free to choose a more positive thought/interpretation: “I don’t know many people here, so of course they are not going to just come up to me. After all, I am not going up to them. I’ll find someone here I know and sit with that person until I feel more comfortable.

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