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Selfie Self-Care: 4 Jin Shin Techniques to Relieve Carpal Tunnel Pain

As we spend more and more time on our phones, we are likely to develop issues like carpal tunnel, a painful condition impacting the wrist, fingers, and hands. The repetitive motions of scrolling, typing, and filming on our phones add up, so everyone from average selfie takers to experts such as Kim Kardashian West can find themselves suffering from “selfie wrist” in today’s digital age. To help combat this pain in a natural way, we bring you Jin Shin expert Alexis Brink, author of THE ART OF JIN SHIN, with a few tips and tricks for selfie self-care!

The Art of Jin Shin is a Japanese energy healing modality. Similar to acupuncture, Jin Shin works on energy pathways with the use of our own two hands instead of needles. Jin Shin balances the body, mind and spirit and allows energy to flow freely so that the body can function optimally and feel great. Jin Shin is simple and effective and if you have a body, it will benefit you too!

The Art of Jin Shin balances right and left sides of our body by using twenty-six specific locations on each side of the body. We call these areas Safety Energy Locations or SELs and they are about the size of the palm of your hand. SELs give us friendly warning signs as they can get congested due to emotional, physical, or environmental stress. By holding the SELs gently in a sequence (a flow), or a one-step SEL hold (a Quick fix), you can alleviate various types of physical or mental discomfort.

Today, as the use of technology is increasing, we see many hand, wrist and shoulder “projects.” Repetitive movement for many hours a day can turn the shoulder into a pretzel with tight and contracted muscles, causing painful joints or radiating pain down the arm. Overuse of the arms and fingers due to excessive typing, or even selfies(!), can cause carpal tunnel or tennis elbow. Sometimes this pain can be so bad it requires a doctor to prescribe pain medicine for relief. You now have a problem! In Jin Shin we turn problems into projects because projects are fun to work with and easy to change.

There are several SELs on the shoulders, arms, and hands that we can hold to relieve these symptoms.

In this post, I will share with you some easy self-care tips that will help resolve your hand, arm or shoulder project. One thing… you will need to practice these holds on yourself for it to work.

Depending where exactly the project is here are some simple flows, you can practice one or all of them. Remember throughout your practice it is important to breathe and drop your shoulders.

4 Jin Shin Techniques to Relieve Pain

1) For upper arm and shoulder pain: SELs High 19s–hold both upper arms up into the shoulder joint, wrap your fingers around area where the discomfort is and gently hold for a few minutes.

2) For elbow pain: SELs 19’s–hold both elbows or the elbow with pain, place you fingers on where the discomfort is and hold gently for a few minutes till you feel a slight pulsation.

3) For carpal tunnel and radiating pain down the arm; SEL26 and SEL 11 (for right side) place left fingers on left inside shoulder blade near armpit (SEL26) and right and on right top of shoulder not neck area (SEL11).

4) To help fingers, hands and our emotional attitudes, finger holds. Hold each finger and palm, one at a time to harmonize all your emotions.

What to feel for: When you hold SEls, you will feel a pulsation in the different areas that you are holding, the pulsation is the energy spiraling from surface to core and back. You can hold till the pulse becomes nice and even or simply hold for a few minutes. Some areas also may feel tender or tight, you can hold until the tightness releases or changes, it will get softer after holding the SELs for a few minutes, A good time to spend is anywhere between 3 and 20 minutes, better to practice a little than not at all!


To learn more on the practice of jin Shin, check out THE ART OF JIN SHIN, available for purchase Tuesday, June 25!


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