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Self-Help in a Hurry: 6 Quick Reads That’ll Improve Your Life

We all have new skills we’d like to develop or hobbies we’d like to take up…someday. There just never seem to be enough hours in the day to get to all the things we’d like to do. But what if it were possible to steal a few minutes here and there for self-improvement? Well, with the 6 short self-help books below, it is possible. Not only are they quick reads, but these books also contain tips for how to improve your life in a hurry.

Learn yoga poses and find calm in 5-minute increments in 5-MINUTE YOGA and 5-MINUTE CALM. Get the scoop on what to do, what to avoid, and doctor’s orders for how to enjoy a vigorous, lengthy life in A SHORT GUIDE TO A LONG LIFE. Discover the the essential principles and techniques of tai chi on the go in MY POCKET TAI CHI. Find out how to defend yourself in any dangerous situation with 100 DEADLY SKILLS. Last but not least, treat yourself to a charming, practical guide to decluttering and downsizing that will help you put your home in order in no time.


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