Sarah Ferguson’s Weight-Loss Tips

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Chided by the press for her weight, and a self-confessed comfort eater, The Duchess of York shares the health and nutrition advice that has worked for her. From Finding Sarah: A Duchess’s Journey to Find Herself, by Sarah Ferguson.

I have to say that I love feeling healthy. Kate Moss was so right when she said that nothing tastes as good as feeling thin! I am not there yet, but I know my heart is in the right place.


  • Free the mind and the weight will follow. By that I mean look after yourself. Drink plenty of water. Go for a run. Detox your body. Eat plenty of fiber. See sugar as an enemy. If you follow these simple suggestions, you will lose weight.
  • Find someone who’ll support you and provide motivation. My trainer keeps me committed by providing encouragement and guidance. I always call my trainer a buddy. If you haven’t got a trainer, get out there and do it yourself — which is what I do now. I also find it very important never to go grocery shopping when hungry.
  • Tell people you want to lose weight so that they don’t bring you tempting treats. Unless you do this, they become enablers, and you’ll feel guilty if you don’t eat what they give you.
  • If you’re a comfort eater like me, work on breaking the habit. Do a self-exploration to find out what’s triggering it psychologically. Keep a diary that includes information about how you were feeling and who you were interacting with right before a craving hit. Once you identify why and at what point you become out of control, mentally rehearse how you can handle this next time. Think of alternative ways to break your habit, such as walking out of the kitchen or having a glass of water.
  • I’ve had to work hard on not comparing my body to other women’s. Everyone is different. We all come in an array of pleasing sizes and shapes. Our job is to make the best of ours.
  • The next time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, at least acknowledge yourself and don’t look away.

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