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Relaxation Tips: Central Channel Breathing

In need of some relaxation tips? Check out this new breathing technique that’ll help clear your spirit and mind. Dr. Sue Morter, author of THE ENERGY CODES, shares how to practice central channel breathing. 

Central Channel Breathing is a fundamental practice of the Energy Codes. Breathing through the core of the body gives you the tangible experience of your multidimensional reality (body-mind-spirit), and swiftly shifts you out of survival and reactivity mode and into a perspective based in a sense of higher purpose instead.

As with the other practices, here you’ll be doing belly breathing— meaning that, with each breath, you will extend the belly on the inhale and compress it for the exhale, rather than breathing shallowly in the chest. As you breathe through the central channel according to the instructions below, you want to take special care to have your concentration travel up and down through each energy center in the core of the body, like going up and down inside the elevator within an elevator shaft, without skipping any portion of the central channel. This is key to igniting all of your electromagnetic and eventually neurological circuitry. Here’s how to do Central Channel Breathing:

  1. Start with your anchor points—lifting the pelvic floor in mūla bandha, squeezing the heart as if doing a bench press, Darth Vader–style in-the-throat breath, and momentary tension behind the eyes.
  2. Take your attention up above your head—about six inches—and inhale from there. Initially, it may help to visualize a white or golden ball of light with the breath, so feel free to give that a try. (Ultimately, though, you want to realize that you are the ball of light, so you can feel yourself moving down through the top of your head and through your own central channel—as if you are in the elevator going down to the basement floor—rather than seeing it from an external focal point.)
  3. Inhale all the way down through the channel, into your belly, keeping your anchor points squeezed as best you can. Extend your belly on the inhale
  4. Exhale from the belly, straight down through mūla bandha and into the earth, still squeezing your four anchor points. Retract your belly toward the spine on the exhale.
  5. Now reverse the action: draw a breath from within the earth up through mūla bandha into the belly. As you exhale, feel yourself as the energy flows up through the shaft of the central channel and out the top of the head.

Repeat the whole cycle. Note that a complete cycle includes two full breaths: one inhale starting from the top, six inches above your head into the heart/belly/core space, followed by an exhale down into the earth; and one inhale into the heart/belly/core space from the earth, followed by an exhale out the top of the head.

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Excerpted from The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter. Copyright © 2019 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Katie Barrett on Unsplash.


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