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Protect Your Personal Space

SafetyLet’s face it. Establishing your personal bubble is important in your daily life. However, with crowded public transportation, busy streets and cramped spaces, personal safe is often lost.  Reclaim your personal space, especially if you feel threatened or uncomfortable with help from Steven Kardian, author of THE NEW SUPERPOWER FOR WOMEN.

You own your personal space. It is the comfort zone you create when you are speaking with other people and it will vary from person to person. Your personal space when dealing with a loved one might be very small. When talking to someone in a social setting, you will likely stand at arm’s length. If you are in a situation where you feel threatened, you are going to have many feet between you and the other person. As a woman, you might have your space violated every day inadvertently or by people testing your limits. Take control of your boundaries through the Soft Challenge techniques below.

Soft Challenge

When someone violates your space, put him on notice by stepping back or to the side. This is often enough to discourage closeness. If, at the onset of your interaction, you have a gut feeling that you need to be more assertive, bring your hands up to chest level with your fingers together. At this point you don’t need to say anything, but you can give him a look as if to say, “SERIOUSLY” (see position #1 below).

Hard Challenge

After you have sent a message using the Soft Challenge technique, a predator with bad intentions may press forward again, upping the ante through physical confrontation. Step back with your hands up. You’ve marked your boundary, you’ve identified to onlookers who the bad guy is, you’ve protected your head and it is like an antenna.

Challenge him with “STOP!” or “LEAVE ME ALONE!” or “BACK OFF!” This will attract additional attention and put people on notice that there is a problem.

If he continues to advance close enough to touch your front hand, deliver a palm heel strike to his chin (see position #1 opposite). His head will go backward. If necessary, deliver a strike to the groin with your knee (see position #2 opposite). I like women to grab his shoulders so as to have a reference point for better accuracy. You can follow up with a horizontal elbow strike.


Know how to protect yourself in a parking lot with these helpful tips.


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