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How to Pray Better Prayers

We all face disappointment. And in times of disappointment Marshawn Evans Daniels, author of BELIEVE BIGGER, says we must discover a higher purpose rather than worry about why something did not turn out the way we had hoped. Daniels shares how we can surrender prayers more effectively.


One of the worst questions we can ask God is Why? Why did this or that happen? The truth is, we may never really know why something happened, and we don’t really need to. We may want to know why, but we don’t actually need to know why. Part of embracing purpose and process means surrendering control—including the need to have answers and becoming okay with mystery. The more we surrender, the more we plant ourselves in the soil of trust. That is exactly where God wants us, and it’s a posture that positions us to be able to hear what God is saying. When we make demands or when we insist on getting the answers that we want, we’re like a spoiled child who tries to boss her parent around. That’s an ugly, upside-down picture—one that ain’t workin’ if we wanna receive blessings and overflow.

There are, however, two questions I’ve found to be extremely powerful prayers. Instead of asking God, Why did this happen? and What do you want me to do? (both questions that demand clarity, as if we’re entitled to it), these are better questions. I call ’em Purpose Prayers:

PURPOSE PRAYER-QUESTION #1: God, what are you already doing?

PURPOSE PRAYER-QUESTION #2: God, where do you need me?

These two questions, when asked as surrendered prayers, are game-changers and life-accelerators. I encourage you to take time to pray ’em. These are questions God longs to answer, because they bond us with his heart and not just his hand. We’re not asking for anything for ourselves. We’re asking to come into alignment with divine assignment— we’re asking to see, become, and carry out what we were built for. Those are prayers that the spirit of purpose can and will always get behind.

Find a moment of stillness.

Excerpted from Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels. Copyright © 2018 by Marshawn Evans Daniels. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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